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Gore (also known as graphic violence) is a term used to refer to any material that contains uncensored depiction of various violent acts, as murder, accidents or suicide. Due to his nature, gore is often used in raids on various topics or threads in sites or disturb viewers by shock contents.


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Ero Guro

Ero guro nansensu, frequently shortened to ero guro or just guro, (エログロ ero-guro?) was a literary and artistic movement originating circa 1930 in Japan. Ero guro puts its focus on eroticism, sexual corruption and decadence. While ero guro is a specific movement, many of its components can be found throughout Japanese history and culture.[6]

Guro is generally a sub-genre of hentai featuring blood, gore, disfiguration, torture, and bloody amputees. Most of these manga artworks is featured and popular in 4chan or gurochan.[7]

Shock Sites

Shock sites are websides which contains painful, shocking or gore contents to offend user or surfer who have been directed via "bait and switch" trolling.

Happy Tree Friends

esista nce is Pubile!

Happy tree friends is a popular web cartoon series produced by "Mondo Studios"[8], best known for combining cuddly innocuous animal characters with graphic depiction of bloodbaths, dismemberment and painful death

Gory Fanfictions / Shockfics / Gorefics

On the popular internet culture; gore's ecounter points with other subcultures, caused noticiable fanfics that has been known as their disturbing content. Some of these fanfics has been banned from discussions or even their drawings on certain websites. Even so, they have widely known by deep inside their community.

Cupcakes is a popular gore fanfiction featuring Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash from the western cartoon My Little Pony:FIM. The story recepted as one of the notorious writing on the brony subculture.

Sweet Apple Massacre is another popular grimdark MLP fanfiction that has dramatic readings, fan arts and reaction videos.

Agony In Pink is a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fanfiction that is infamous for its detailed rape and torture of Kimberly Hart, the original Pink Ranger. The fanfic’s grotesque and dark scenes, performed by by Lord Zedd and the evil creature Tortura, have led to it becoming one of the most notorious fanfictions in the world.

Dipper Goes To Taco Bell – The story centers around the Gravity Falls character Dipper Pines, who goes to Taco Bell to get food. Upon arriving at the Taco Bell, he orders a taco and takes a bite before suddenly suffering from diarrhea.
The story and its contents became notorious within the fanbase for its highly gore-filled narrative.

Other Gore-Kind Artworks and Grimdark

Grimdark is an artistic movement or artworks that is considered dark, depressive, violent or edgy, particularly in fanfic literature. Even grimdark generally includes the concept of "dark epic" or mentally psycological messages, some of them can be included disgusting or violently material.


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