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I get sick of this, no offense intended to you personally, but you know why I hate the whole "Leo never won an oscar" schtick? Because Brad Pitt never won an oscar. Because Bill Murray never won an oscar. Because Robert Downey Junior never won an Oscar. Martin Sheen, Sigourney Weaver, Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Cruise, Peter O'Toole, Will Smith, and many, many more, and at least half of them I personally prefer to Leonardo DiCaprio. I agree, he's been snubbed, but he is far from the only one, and far from the most shocking (Peter O'Toole and Brad Pitt hold that distinction in my opinion). So why do we focus on Leo? Why? Again, nothing against you for posting this, and if Leo is your favorite actor, by all means complain, but why EVERYONE thinks of Leo as the guy who has been snubbed really gets to me.


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