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3852 Views Created 9 years ago By Hakunin • Updated 2 years ago

Created By Hakunin • Updated 2 years ago

Fle :1182758495-(21 KB, 450x337, dead ant jpg □ 062507(Mon)04 01 35 No 30920557 Okay, w, I hope you can explain what happened to me I just jacked of into a napkin. Okay,fine, that's normal, it's whst I usually do before I go to sleep Only along with the usaal dobs of semen cane a few carcasses of dead ants, and a significant amount of blood I'm not goirng to be able to sleep the rest of the night Where the f--- did thoae ants come from? >> 062 07(Mon)0401 59 No. 30920594 Your urethra >>ロ06/2S07(Mon)04:02 50 No. 30920668 Other ants >>ロ062507(Mon04:03:32 No. 30920729 God damn it, Anonymous My apartment has ant problems sometimes àuring this time of year, but I've never seen them outside of the kitchen, and cestarly nowhere near or in my bed I dont have a roommate or a gf or anything, so I thunk I can rule out someone playing a prank on me. >>ロ06/25/07(Mon04:03:41 No 30920740 That's what you get for shovng Poae Shor up your dáckhole. >> 06/25/07(Mon)04:07 53 No.30921073 They hare obmously accepted you as their new queen I assume they wil be mass produced for the war with rival ants? >> 06/25/07(Mon04:09:37 No 3092 1208 Stop facking whiring Yovr d--- shoots ants >>ロ06/25/07(Mon04:10.16 No. 30921260 OP NEEDS TO FIGHT CRIME 06/25/07(Mon)04: 1057 No30921 304 i can see t now... How do I shoot ant? 06/25/07(Mon)04:11 47 No. 30921370 >> >> You jast awakened your mutant abdity Now you must c-- ants inside grls and spread your newfound powers >>ロ06/25/07(Mon)04:12 34 No. 30921424 OP has evolved rto a kiling machine >>ロ062507(Mon)04:12 51 No 30921447 F--- you OP, I was about to fap before I read thus thread 06/25/07(Mon04 13:40 No 30921506 >> BUY MASK FIGHT CRIMINALS WITH YOUR MAGIC D--- ANTS 7? 4 PROFIT D 06/25/07(Mon04 13:58 No 30921522 OP is the neat step in bnaa/ant symbiosis. Separate we are weak, but together nothurg can stop us >> D 06/25/07(Mon04 14:51 No 30921593 I CAME INSECTS >> □ 0625.07(Mon04 1529 No.30921631 OH LAWD >>ロ0625.07(Mon)04:15:43 No.30921643 30921506 lolwut? >>ロ06/25/07(Mon04 17:00 No. 30921733 thats what you get for f------ an ant hll >>ロ062507(Mon04 19: 16 No. 3092 1892 30921733 f------ end o thread I lol'd hard >>ロ06/25/07(Mon)042735 No.30922416 ant po >>ロ06/25/07(Mon)042827 No.30922463 bitches don't know bout my d--- ants >> 06/25/07(Mon)042847 No.30922490 You have to stick your d--- in an anthil so they can go back home >> D 06/25/07(Mon04 29:13 No 30922521 30922463 please tun rto image macro 06/25/07(Mon)04:30:55 No.30922628 » 3 30922490 LOL isten to this man >>ロ06/25/07(Mon)043223 No.30922723 File :1182760343 ipE(93 KB, 750c600, The rules pg CMON B I DEMAND RULE 34 >> D 06/25/07(Mon)04 3204 No 30922697 Fle 1182760324.ng-(11 KB, 600w472, you png 30920557 I drew thes for you op 06/25/07(Mon)04:33:23 No.30922793 >> 9330922697 oh fack, i lol'd >>口06/25/07(Mor)04 34:32 No 30922868 I know bow to solve this problem. GET AN ANTEATER TO SUCE YOUR DICKIITS A WIN WINI U GET RID OF THE ANTS AND U GET YOUR DICE SUCKED 06/25/07(Mon)04:35:26 No.30922936 >> 9330922868 ITS FOOLPROO >> 06/2SHI7(Mony04 39:22 No.30923190 i've LoT d at nearly every post in this thread >> 062507(Mon04 40.26 No. 30923263 on... áck ants? 40 55 N◇ 30923294 Fle 1182760855 ng-(13 KB, 600x472, you prg Op and his d--- ants >>ロ06/25/07(Mon)04:42:01 No30923358 File :1182760921 ips-(18 KB, 204x252, antcloseup jpg) I AM AN ANT ANDILOVE SEMEN, I MUST HAVE MORE SEMEN, GARELE GARELE » 06/25/07(Mo)04:46:43 No 30923683 This is just like the time i put sage in my as
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