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Dragirby (Discord  & Goat Dad's Waifu)
Dragirby (Discord & Goat Dad's Waifu)

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Actual Cannibal.:

Destructive Power: A

Speed: C

Range: A

Durability: A

Precision: C

Developmental Potential: E

Murderous Intent: Actual Cannibal has the ability to give its user Cannibal sight, where it highlights anyone who is atleast 100m away from the nearest human being. Shia can see through walls.

Vorpal Touch: Any sharp object that Shia touches is enchanted with his stands power, giving it such an edge that it can anything down to the London Dispersion Forces of a two molecules.

Ripper Mode: Upon devouring part of a human, Shia gains the ability to activate Ripper mode, becoming impervious to damage for 5 minutes and enhancing his natural abilities. Shia has 24 hours to use his Ripper Mode or he must eat another body, and eating a new body only resets the timer.


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