Xzibit Yo Dawg - Pimp My Ride - Xzibit Entrances: All Seasons (72 episodes)

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Mistress Fortune
Mistress Fortune

Even though I have heard some things about how some people on Pimp My Ride later had major problems with their cars, honestly this show is rather nostalgic for me. Maybe it's because at the time I was big on games like Need for Speed and Burnout and so I loved seeing cool cars in those games, but I dunno I always liked seeing the cars in the show go from "piece of crap" to "piece of awesomeness." It's amusing to watch some of it now because in many episodes they'd put game systems in the cars, but since the show was mainly on the air during the years of 2004-2007 most of the time the game systems were things like PS2, Gamecube, or Xbox, depending on who was paying for ad space on MTV at the time.

This, Viva La Bam, and Wildboyz (and maybe The Osbournes to a lesser extent) were the only shows from this era of MTV I liked (the "pre-Jersey Shore and Teen Mom" years). I liked Viva La Bam the most, lots of silly shenanigans happened, and it introduced me to bands like HIM (Bam's a huge HIM fanboy).


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