In a Nutshell - The Rise of the Machines - Why Automation is Different this Time

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This is and old argument and a flawed one at that.
Everytime someone talks about it they talk about jobs and money, they basically project today's economy in a completely different society. In a future where robots do everything there are no jobs because humans don't need jobs, since robots already do everything, and consequently they don't need money either. That's the whole point.
Automating everything but "human" jobs (that won't really be jobs anymore, but just people doing stuff for fun and because they like it, and that's not limited to artworks or stuff that robots "can't do" [quotes because they actually can, especially if and when a true AI will be invented]) so that people can completely devote themselves to self improvement.
To understand this just look at the internet, especially the internet of like 10 years ago, there are a lot of content makers that do stuff for free just because they like doing it, even if they have very little time to do it because they have to work and stuff.
That's the kind of people that will never go away and will be the society of the future.


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