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What is this?

Last posted Jan 11, 2014 at 10:58PM EST. Added Jan 07, 2014 at 01:43PM EST
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I’m not sure if this site is legitimate or not and it seems to redirect me whenever i try to load a page without JavaScript blocked.

It doesn’t seem to do this on any other site. Anyone else getting this?

It wouldn’t be coming from KYM, this site doesn’t have anything that needs you to install Flash Player 11

My guess is that one of the sidebar ads you see on the right is trying to install their own version of flashplayer on your machine via javascript stored in the ad. Lately we have been getting some very malicious ads coming to this site which hijack your open tab like that and they are very annoying. They need to be stomped out

Ads should never be using javascript and if they do, it’s for something you won’t like.

adoodeo is an unregistered site. Very Shady. That’s not where you get Flash Player 11. I bet if the script was allowed to finish, you would have been taken to a bogus “Flash Player download” page and installed a virus

The banner adverts aren’t handled by KYM itself. They are just kinda given to the site via Google. However I think the admins can blacklist certain ads. Could try asking them if they can blacklist any that contain references to adoodeo

found out some stuff.
adoodeo is some weird site about a Linux thing with 3 links at the bottom that link to the Linux thing, and the creators blogs.
another version of the flash player site is for some weird German phone thing which in its source has a link to a “more complete” version of the site with the images being used on a site called gogogy. a strange site that mite have something to do with phones.
also when i checked again the adobe page links to something called shortestdownload, which is exactly the same as explictdownload.
yeah i don’t know

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That’s the URL I keep on getting. Could someone get the source code for this page and analyse it? I’ve looked over it before, and I found links to other files, so try looking there. It’s probably a CSS injection.

Last edited Jan 09, 2014 at 08:35AM EST

Looking at the source code of that page only tells me one thing: It’s a Phishing site.

The source code of the page doesn’t tell me how it’s getting to KYM. You need to look for where adoodeo is being referenced on the KYM that redirects you

It don’t think it would be CSS injection. I think it’s one of the ads because the ads can inject automatically running Javascript code into the site and JS is capable of redirecting you.

Here’s the legit adobe download site: If you were really getting flash player, you would be getting it from Not adoodeo. Although the page on adoodeo tries to imitate the Adobe page

If you download the file that the page forces on you, delete it. It’s a virus. Tell Chrome to discard it when it inevitably blocks the download

I’ve reported the site to Google.

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I’m going to agree with BSoD here and strongly encourage anyone looking into the site that you should stop RIGHT NOW. If you don’t know what to do and don’t take proper precautions, there’s a strong chance you’re going to get your computer infected. Nothing you can learn from delving in there (which isn’t very likely anyways) is worth the risk.

I have tried removing it, which I have been successful at doing so but every time I open this page:, the god forsaken virus just takes over and sends me to a fake site of Adobe Flash Player download.


See, you just confirmed that this appears on more places than just KYM. It shows up on Animefreak also. More evidence that it’s one of the adverts doing this.

Just block ads for now.

I say again: DO NOT run the fake flashplayer that the page forces on you. If you download it, delete it from your downloads folder

If you have accidentally run the fake flashplayer, follow Alex’s advice above and do a full scan with MSE or preferably Malwarebytes

@Blue Screen (of Death)

I have found a way to stop it from coming up with the message, if you use Google Chrome, click on the top right hand corner where there should be a button that reads ‘New Incognito Window.’ Click on the button where there should be no problem now!

And also, they have changed the websites name from Adoodeo to Adoboa which may or may not be a good thing.


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