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Just Another Text-Based Adventure.

Last posted Jul 30, 2012 at 10:58PM EDT. Added Jul 30, 2012 at 12:24AM EDT
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It’s 2 in the afternoon. He finally wakes up in the desert, his metallic mask still covering his face as usual. Almost everyone wears a mask in world; Guess it’s a custom. But enough crap, let us focus on the main objective here. Currently the man waits for various soldiers to pass by here so he can steal there shipment of guns they’re carrying or at least there supposed pass by here. While we wait, why don’t we find out more about this man we’re talking about

>Find out what his name is. Everyone has a name….. Right?

>What does he have equipped? Does he even have pants?

>Is he good looking?

(If 3 people vote the same option then that will be the choice.)

(Highly doubt anyone is awake right, so i’ll just be choosing the options)
His name is…


Uh, well……


Insert Name:________________

Victor Von Doom

Jack Seweler

Douglas Hiyerth

OMG GUYZ, SO FUNNY!!1! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

But no, screw that.

Hmm….. How about we just call him Drybones?


Last edited Jul 30, 2012 at 01:03AM EDT

I’m just going with Drybones, since apparently I just realized this is the “Just For Fun” forum section.

Okay! Drybones is finally! If no one likes it THEN TOO BAD!

Anyways his name is Drybones. He is still waiting for the cargo to pass by. What shall he do while he waits.

>Stare at the sun.

>Play Rock-Paper-Scissor with himself.


(@88y8y8: Nothing. It’s just everyone took the opportunity to be “funny” and I discarded there ideas, including yours. Sorry.)

Last edited Jul 30, 2012 at 01:23AM EDT

Mexx Android wrote:

(@88y8y8: Nothing. It’s just everyone took the opportunity to be “funny” and I discarded there ideas, including yours. Sorry.)


God, I’m pathetic.

After spending the next few minutes alone like an idiot, the cargo slowly passes by. You hide under the hole you dug for 2 hours. You lift your head up to see how many men are on the small ship.

Only 2 or 3.

You check your bag of weapons that you brought with you. What will weapon will you choose?

> A Bazooka

> A Revolver

> A Slingshot….

> A knife

> A rock

(Sorry for changing perspective)

Last edited Jul 30, 2012 at 01:46AM EDT

Drybones: Okay. Revolver.

You sneak out of the and the second the small ship passed by, you grab onto the ladder that was, ironically, placed on the outside of it. You climb up the moving vehicle and look up to see if the coast is clear. You sneak behind the metallic case that is holding the goods.

You listen to the conversation…

Soldier 1: So…. What’s up?

Soldier 2: Nothing.

Soldier 1: That’s good, That’s good…… Ya come here often?

Soldier 2: What?

Soldier 1: Do you come here often?

Soldier 2: What kind of question is that?

Soldier 1: Look man, I’m just trying to start a conversation--

While both the soldiers continue to talk, you might as well get ready. What should you do?

>Attack Stealthily

>Surprise Attack!

>Just let them finish there conversation.

There’s 2 counts for Stealth and 2 counts for Letting them finish. First vote on one these 2 options wins!

Last edited Jul 30, 2012 at 09:53AM EDT

You continued to listen to there conversation…

Soldier 1: Look, pal, buddy, amigo. All i’m just asking is how are things if things are going good.

Soldier 2: Those are probably the most idiotic questions you have ever asked me.

Soldier 1: WHY!?

Soldier 2: Because we’ve been working we each other for 10 FUCKING YEARS NOW.

Soldier 1: And?


Soldier 1: Well, excuse me! I just want to start a conversation!

Soldier 2: You really are a new level of stupid.

They still seem to be having there argument. How will you take advantage of the situation?

> Shoot both of them and get to the Cockpit

> Knock them out and steal there armor to pass by as a soldier.

> There both screaming at each other. Just throw the goods over board and get out.


Anyways, you decide to knock them out…. well… You have a gun.
Your grab the other end of the gun and ready yourself to attack them… with the handle of your gun.

Soldier 1: Why can’t we be friends?

Soldier 2: Because…Wait…

One of the soldiers see your head peeking out behind the crate.

Soldier 2: Hey! Who’s behind there!?


Time to attack. You jump over the crate and run towards them.

Battle Scream?:___________________________________


You have no idea why you said that but whatever. QUICK, WHICH SOLDIER SHOULD YOU TAKE DOWN FIRST?
>Soldier 1

>Soldier 2

(Excuse me for the crappy image.)


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