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Da Weirdest Are Pee Gee In Existence (Maybæ) Choose Your Own Adventure.

Last posted Jan 26, 2013 at 04:15AM EST. Added Jan 25, 2013 at 11:06PM EST
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Hey. I’m Spores. I’m about to go the weirdest adventure, and I need your help, mighty letter thing. (KeyBoard)

“Git cho ass outta bed!” That Mr. T alarm clock. Hehe. The door is being knocked on. I’m too lazy, plus, my arms are on. I walk up to the dresser. Do I open it?

Voltage is nowhere to be found wrote:

Adventure time

You watch adventure time.
Door is being visited again.
You open to see a robot.
“Our kind will destroy you BZT no survivors BZT run”
You look out a window to see robots taking a town.
I might need some help from a pokemon… a extraordinary pokemon.
“Ÿøü §ēēîñg thî§ §hït¿”
Of course. It is happening. MISSINGNO joined the party!
“Wè rēådÿ”
Damn Right.
“Sndjhd! Djdndjd!”
A midget bot!

Spores :70
M : 65

M: GlitchScape Spores: Claw, Hindlegs, Pounce

Dorito5 wrote:

>open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur

in that order

You forgot the obligatory backflip.

I apparently kill the midgetbot no problem.
“Is bad missingno robots are major pricks”
Spores used Bacon on Joson!
“That nice of you Spore now I need my palsma rifle.”
“But we need help you know.”
“ok fine”
Uncle Joson joined party!


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