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Who's EbonyPrince2k24 On Twitter / X? The Riddler Of The Drake And Kendrick Beef Explained

A spooky unknown entity has joined the Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake beef named EbonyPrince2k24 on X, formerly Twitter.

After posting a slew of cryptic photos and videos over the weekend, EbonyPrince2k24 purportedly knows incriminating or embarrassing information about rapper Drake (Aubrey Graham) which seemingly transpired at the Mark Hotel in New York City. It's been theorized that EbonyPrince2k24 is an ex-employee of the five-star hotel who leaked the information to Kendrick Lamar's camp for his diss track "Meet the Grahams."

There are many players involved in EbonyPrince2k24's accusations, including DJ Akademiks and reporter Christopher Alvarez. Let's explain what's happened so far.

Who Is EbonyPrince2k24 And What Is He Claiming?

It is currently unknown who EbonyPrince2k24 is. All we know about him is that he started posting to X on May 10th, 2024, earning viral awareness when he posted a video showing multiple items purportedly belonging to Drake.

The items shown in the video include a print copy of the Queens Daily Eagle, a photo and a statue of Toronto's CN Tower, a Holt Renfrew bag, receipts from a store called Popular Jewelry, a short-sleeve button-up Shortee Collection shirt with a dog and fire hydrant on it, and prescription bottles for Ozempic and Adderall.

The cameraman (presumably EbonyPrince2k24) also pans to show the view from his window, showing the New York City skyline.

All of these items were shown in the cover art for Kendrick Lamar's Drake diss track "Meet the Grahams." So, whoever EbonyPrince2k24 is, he's almost certainly one of the "moles" leaking information to Lamar's camp concerning Drake's wrongdoings.

EbonyPrince2k24 spammed multiple tweets, photos and videos over the weekend, including a still image from a security camera showing a man in a motorized wheelchair with a hooded man alleged to be Drake. The image was timestamped on January 22nd, 2023.

EbonyPrince2k24 @EbonyPrince2k24 To Mr. Aubrey Graham (@Drake), may this photo help jog your memory as to where you discarded those items. The issue in the photo should also jog your memory. Jimmy Brooks would not have been proud of you that night... 01-22-2023 Sun 03:19:03 Lob 56 724 9:25 PM May 10, 2024 4.8M Views

Many people believe that EbonyPrince2k24 is a former employee of the Mark Hotel. Whoever he is, he's posted multiple tweets saying that he didn't steal the items. Rather, a Mark Hotel policy legally allowed him to take the items after a certain period. In other tweets, he inferred that he (and two others) got fired, likely from the Mark Hotel. However, this is all unconfirmed.

EbonyPrince2k24 @EbonyPrince2k24 Two Black American Men became unemployed at this exact moment. And you made an enemy... 2023 Sun 03 2:44 PM • May 11, 2024 1.3M Views ...

What Is The Mark Hotel?

The indoor location that's shown in the security camera photo was revealed to be the lobby of the Mark Hotel in Manhattan, New York. The photo allegedly shows Drake entering the hotel with two unidentified men and Christopher Alvarez, a reporter for the Queens Daily Eagle, among other publications.

01-22-2023 Sun 03:19:03 Lobi 56

Who Is Reporter Christopher Alvarez?

Christopher Alvarez is a freelance reporter for the Queens Daily Eagle, a daily newspaper published in Queens, New York, among other publications. Alvarez is handicapped and uses a motorized wheelchair to get around. Much of his writing centers on living with his disability. Many know Alvarez from a famous viral video of him speaking with DJ Khaled.

What Happened At The Mark Hotel On January 22nd, 2023?

It's currently unknown what exactly happened at the Mark Hotel on January 22nd, 2023. X user @certifiedjared stated in a viral post that Drake was staying at the Mark Hotel on that day when he performed two shows at the nearby Apollo Theater.

Where Was EbonyPrince2k24's Video Filmed In New York?

After EbonyPrince2k24 posted his notorious video on Friday, internet sleuths tried to figure out where he filmed it, using the view from the window as a launch pad. Although it's unconfirmed, Redditors on /r/KendrickLamar are pointing to the Harriet's hotel near the Brooklyn Bridge (where Christopher Alvarez has posted videos from in the past).

Others believe that the video could have been filmed inside Kendrick Lamar's penthouse near the Brooklyn Bridge. Both views resemble the Manhattan skyline shown in EbonyPrince2k24's video with the Brooklyn Bridge to match.

Why Is DJ Akademiks Involved?

Hip-hop influencer DJ Akademiks was also namedropped by EbonyPrince2k24 on X. Akademiks is involved because he previously alleged that the items shown in the "Meet the Grahams" cover art were stolen.

EbonyPrince2k24 has seemingly taken offense to the claim and has rebutted it, stating that the hotel policy allowed him to take Drake's items legally after an amount of time.

Akademiks has since reacted to EbonyPrince2k24's posts on his most recent livestream where he threatened EbonyPrince2k24, standing ten toes down and telling the mystery man that he'd terrorize him for life.

For the full history of EbonyPrince2k24, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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