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Gravity Gun or Portal Gun?

Last posted Jun 02, 2013 at 07:13PM EDT. Added Mar 21, 2013 at 07:16PM EDT
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Portal Gun is overrated, it doesn’t work in sufaces that aren’t covered with moon-dust.
Gravity Gun can pick up shit and throw it around, from saw blades so yet another variety of deadly objects…
And c’mon, the fact that it comes with Gordon FUCKING Freeman’ crowbar is awesome…I mean, the boots are awesome too but they did what? Carry Chell until GLaDoS kicked her ass out of Aperture Science?
The crowbar killed thousands of headcrabs, zombies, hell even aliens, like the Combine, at the hands of the Freeman. That crowbar is beyond human comprehension, not every mortal has the oportunity to even touch of what it seems like an average tool, foolishly fools and uncultured creatures spitting on this god’s master piece.

Bah watever, still no episode 3…

Not sure…
The labs that burn their subjects after constantly lying about cake, or the company that caused the end of the world…
I’ll go with Umbrella, since it caused much more damage to innocent families. Aperture is evil, but easy to survive if you know the basics of the portal gun.

Portal gun. Even if it needs special moon dust to work, so be it. Just set up an infinite falling loop portal and use it to create a troll physics unlimited energy supply, sell the profits, do whatever you want with infinite money.

You jelly, gravityfags?

Ernest Is dead wrote:

Portal gun
I ASSume the gravity gun would be boring just picking stuff up
I guess you can use the gravity gun to pick up poop too

You can also throw it far. And hold energy balls that disinagrate people. But according to the internet falling through portals is way better than disinagrating people.

TheOpt1onal.2.0 (With flair!) wrote:

The Portal Gun can work w/o moon dust. Happy?

Well, that hardly seems fair.

If we can use the portal gun without moon dust, then why can’t we supercharge the gravity gun without a confiscation field?

Honestly, the comparison seems unfair. The portal gun and the gravity gun are two very different things.

The portal gun is used exclusively for transporting yourself and other things and if you are clever with it, it can proper objects over long distances or extend the range of ordinance.

The gravity gun is used exclusively for moving heavy objects and stacking things. It is far more weaponized as it allows you to attack people with random furniture. If supercharged, it can toss people around with extremely lethal force

The only role where the two items overlap is when it comes to bringing things closer to you. Since the gravity gun does that faster and can do it without white surfaces, I guess it wins in that regard. But otherwise the Gravity gun covers its own role of moving (or killing) things while the portal gun covers its own role of moving you.

I offer you guys a better comparison: The Gravity gun and the Magnet gun

The Magnet gun from Red Faction: Armageddon is much more comparable to the Gravity gun. Like the Gravity gun it is a device for moving heavy objects and it is very deadly about it.

Lets view the comparison table

Gravity gun    Magnet gun
– Manipulates gravity Yes Yes
– Strength of gravity   Moderate Incredible
– Helps you reach things easier Yes Yes
– Collection speed   Fast Slow
– Can tear down buildings No Yes
– Demolishes barricades Yes Yes
– Tosses people/objects around Yes Yes
– Limit of tossable object mass Average car mass     Unlimited
– Weaponizes random objects Yes No
– Collapses structures on people No Yes
– Throws people/objects through walls    Yes Yes


I find the Gravity gun is quicker for collecting objects while the Magnet gun is better at destroying things so there is still a difference but if I were to pick one over the other, I’d pick the magnet gun. Half life 2 would be so much quicker if you could just demolish every building in your path through ravenholm and the magnet gun is so much deadlier to vehicles than the gravity gun. With the gravity gun you gotta run around, picking up exploding barrels and throw them at gunships. The magnet gun can just anchor a gunship to the ground in two clicks to completely immobilize it

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Magnets do not affect gravitational forces. In any way. They’re two separate fundamental forces, and magnetism (electromagnetism, really) is powerful, while gravitation is actually quite weak.

Also you can screw with the game config to make the gravity gun able to pick up anything.

And finally, how exactly does a magnet gun bring down buildings? That are presumably made of wood and/or masonry? Which are non-magnetizable materials?



1. The Magnet gun is featured in a cyberpunk FPS game. All errors in logic are property of THQ and Volition Inc. Not my own. Do not berate me.

2. The Magnet gun is implied to be gravity defying since its properties go well and beyond the abilities of magnetism. The name “Magnet gun” is assumed to be just a name

3. Unofficial modifications to the Gravity gun disqualify it. We are making the comparison based on the weapons intended capabilities. The point is, the magnet gun needs no modifications to affect absolutely anything

4. How does it bring down non-magnetizable materials? Like this:

Specifically, it works by attaching two objects to any surface, one being an anchor and another being an attractor. The attractor is then pulled to the anchor with tremendous force, either through magnetism or some other way

Last edited Apr 16, 2013 at 06:24AM EDT

In MY personal opinion, I think that the portal gun is about 1.7x cooler that the gravity gun.

First, look at them:

Next compare them:
Can create portals.
Can destroy the laws of physics.

Can lift heavy objects.
Can lift harmful substances (pure energy, etc.).
Can break the laws of gravity.

Black Mesa and Aperture Science made those two devices in a competitive race against each other.

Black Mesa sought to create a gravity-manipulator, and Aperture Science went ahead to create a literal wormhole.

Which is better, gravity-manipulation or portals?

I say portals, because they can get you anywhere and not kill you unless you screw up.
The ASHPD also has a short-field gravity-manipulation option, so that’s nifty.

I think the only real problem with the gravity gun is its extreme mass. Alyx has trouble even lifting it, much less carrying it around all day. Even so, I think i’d prefer the gravity gun to the portal gun, mainly because i’m less likely to get myself killed with it. I would just have to bulk up and probably attach some sort of counterweight to the back to better balance it.


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