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Eh Marine

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Eh Marine, re-upload – Over 3,000,000 views


“Eh Marine”, or “Hey Marine!” is a re-enactment fad involving calling out “eh Marine” followed by an unexpected slap in the face. These videos are sometimes given the title Evelyn or Evelin due to people mishearing the girl’s name.


The initial “Hey Marine” video on which these re-enactments are based was called “Dans ta Gueule” (In Your Face). Unfortunately, the video has been deleted. Due to the fact that the original photo was deleted, it is hard to gauge the performance of the video. However, the re-uploaded copy of the original has over three million views.

The actress in the video is a French girl named “Marine" and is known on Youtube under her username CartmanArkana, which she also uses on her Skyrock Blog.

On CartmanArkana’s profile, she confirms that she is the star of the “In Your Face” video.

Google Translate:

Does my face remind you of something? Hehe of course it does since I am the actress from famous video “in your face”

Original French:

Ma tête doit te rappeller quelque chose? Hehe bien sûr puisque je suis l’actrice de la célèbre vidéo “dans ta gueule”:

French KYM researcher Tomberry got in contact with Marine and was able to provide further information on the original video.

Original French:

Alors tout d’abord navrée que tu n’ai pas reçu mon précédent message, où j’avais répondu à pas mal de tes questions donc je vais résumer:
Ce n’est pas mon copain Xavier qui est sur la vidéo. C’est mon frère.
J’étais vraiment étonnée de découvrir tant de parodies et autres sur cette vidéo qui était pour moi si basique.
Non les gens n’ont pas changé leur comportement vis à vis de moi,
mon entourage ont prit cette vidéo à la rigolade!
Il y a eu plus de 3 500 000 vues avant qu’elle ne soit suprimé.

Ma vidéo a été tourné en mars 2006 j’avais 16ans.

Et je ne sais pas la raison exacte pour laquelle elle a été supprimé, mais je pense avoir une légère idée; peut être du fait qu’elle était violente. Violente dans le sens, où la fille (moi en l’occurence) n’a rien demandé et qu’elle se prends une baffe magistrale, gratuitement, sans doute quelques féministes ont mit leur grain de sel… C’est la seule raison qui me vient, étant donné certains commentaires qu’il m’arrivait de lire.

English Translation:

Well first of all I’m sorry you didn’t receive my previous message, where I answered many of your questions so I’ll sum them up:
This is not my boyfriend Xavier on the video. It’s my brother.
I was very surprised to find out about all the parodies and other things on that video which was for me so simple.
No, people around me haven’t changed their behavior toward me.
My family circle didn’t take that video seriously!
There were more than 3 500 000 views before it got deleted.

My video has been shot in March 2006 when I was 16 years old.

And I don’t know the exact reason why it got deleted, but I have a guess; It may be so because it was violent. Violent in a way that the girl (me in that case) didn’t ask for anything and got hilariously smacked, gratuitously. No doubt some feminists came in to put their two cents on it… It’s the only one reason I can think of because of some of the comments I used to read about it.
Voila, I hope you’ll send me the link when the article will be fully completed!


In many videos, the first person’s actions are changed up, doing something (singing, watching) in a pc/camera before getting slapped. Like most re-enactment memes that follow a successful viral video the views for each video seem to come from related videos.


In many other videos, the original has been remixed into videos resembling Youtube Poop.

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