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The Liberalize Yourself Filter is a TikTok filter that alters a user's appearance to make them resemble a stereotypical liberal or social justice warrior as defined online by some conservatives and anti-SJWs, including attributes like colorful hair, especially blue and green dyed hair. To achieve this effect, the filter purportedly applies the user's face to one of several base images of real-life people. The filter went viral on TikTok and X / Twitter in May 2024 but was purportedly removed from the former app as it went viral for unknown reasons.


As the Liberalize Yourself filter has seemingly been removed from TikTok, it is unclear who created the filter. However, the tool applies a user's face to one of several base images of people deemed to resemble stereotypical liberals as defined by online conservatives and anti-SJWs. The earliest examples of TikTokers[1][2] using what appears to be the same filter were posted on the app on May 4th, 2024, although these gained no significant engagement, views or interactions prior to its removal from the app (example shown below).

@thejoehimself Apparently this filter turns you into a liberal 😂 #joesdramaclub #cupofjoe #filters ♬ son original – jokerpranks1


The filter became notably popularized on X over the following days, particularly among conservative users. On May 4th, 2024, comedian and VICE co-founder Gavin McInnes posted a screenshot of his face run through the filter to X,[3] writing, "Miles has a new look," garnering over 1,200 likes in three days (shown below).


On the same day, X[4] user @SomeBitchIIKnow posted a video of herself using the filter, garnering over 14,000 likes in three days (shown below). On May 5th, X[5] user @ImMeme0 posted a video using the filter that gained over 1,700 likes in two days.

Later that day, X[6] user Libs of TikTok reposted @ImMeme0's version of the trend, writing, "This new filter that turns you into a liberal is so accurate 🤣" garnering over 38,000 likes and 3,500 reposts in two days (shown below).

On May 6th, 2024, Libs of TikTok, through their alt X[7] account @ChayaRaichik10, posted, "It appears tiktok has removed the filter. I just went to try it and it’s gone!" garnering over 1,300 likes in a day. On the same day, the Daily Dot[8] reported on the filter, writing in their article that they found the identities of two of the base models used by the filter and reached out to them for comment.

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This is exactly what russians would describe if you were to ask them a description of a typical westerner. This might look funny and goofy to you but this is literaly BRICS autoritatian propaganda made into a tik tok filter. This is the "western degeneracy" strawman they are waving around to scare people away from liberal democracy. The threat to our way of life are not liberals, it's people and countries trying to make liberty look insane and scary. Don't fall victime to totalitarianism propaganda distributed by china/russia


This is honestly a depressing state of affairs, that people believe politics makes your fellow man look fundamentally different, and particularly that they become somehow grotesque in appearance, as if corrupted for their beliefs. It's completely losing touch of reality, because if you just meet people in your daily life, you'd realize this isn't accurate at all. I'm seeing some people in this comment section defend it, and that honestly makes me more sad than angry.

At least for american readers, here's some dose of reality.

People are just people, man.


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