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What Is Duolicious And How Does It Work? All About The '4chan Dating App'

In early May, news of so-called "4chan dating app" Duolicious started spreading on TikTok and X, with many users singing up and trying it out. What sets Duolicious apart from other apps, is it safe to use, and why do some call it "femcel dating app"? Find everything there's to know about the dating website in our brief explainer.

/* tidu */ @___tidu ÷ Signed up for the 4chan dating app the femcel energy is overwhelming but tis a challenge I will conquer • 2:13 PM May 7, 2024 160 Views •

What Is Duolicious?

Duolicious is a personality-based dating app and website which matches users together based on their interests, personality and views. The website was launched in July 2023 but only recently gained popularity outside of the 4chan userbase after a TikTok video, with users on other platforms now trying it out.

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Is Duolicious A 4chan App?

While Duolicious is not officially affiliated with 4chan in any way, but it was created by a 4chan user with the imageboard's audience in mind.

The website was launched in July 2023 by an anonymous 4chan user who has since taken on the nickname Duodaddy, and it was initially advertised as an "experimental matchmaking algorithm" for users of 4chan's /soc/ ("social") board.

64KiB, 594x396, 1695294862833070.jpg View Same Google ImgOps iqdb SauceNAO ↓ Matchmaking Thread: Experimental Algorithm [516/84] Edition Anonymous ID:51jHzqSq Tue 17 Oct 2023 04:57:10 No.32623135 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >>32624627 >>32633397 >>32633845 >>32633931 >>32635452 >>32635616 >>32642611 >>32643220 >>32643262 >>32644093 >>32646073 >>32647735 >>32658038 >>32665231 >>32668408 >>32671447 >>32687815 >>32688037 >>32694066 >>32694407 >>32696027 >>32696805 >>32701515 >>32705098 >currently 1074 anons on here, all from /soc/ and the rest of 4chan https://web.duolicious.app >unmoderated, but don't do anything illegal >sign up with a fake email by ending it with @example.com. Your OTP will be 000000 in that case >sign up with a real email to get offline message notifications If you want to use a disposable email address, please use an @example.com one instead because it helps me know whose accounts are permanently inactive so I can deactivate them to prevent other anons getting ghosted Fun stats: >517 anons in the United States >67 anons in the UK >61 anons in Canada >54 anons in Australia and New Zealand >over 270,000 match questions answered during the last thread >4 anons who mention jews in their bios Last thread which hit +500 replies: >>32538994

While the website was initially a hobby project, eventually Duodaddy started advertising the site on 4chan, with Duolicious reaching over 5,000 active users by February 2024.

The site remained almost exclusively used by 4chan audience until a mobile version of it was launched in late April 2024. Soon after that, the site was discovered by TikTok user @rapshout1, who made a video about it.


How to Use Duolicious?

To use either the website version of Duolicious) or the Android app), you need to log in with your email and then answer a series of questions that will let the app estimate your personality traits.

Once you've completed the process, the app will suggest matches with users who gave very similar answers to the questions you were asked. The closer your answers, the higher the match percentage will be.

Additionally, the app allows to use search filters, filtering users by gender, orientation, age, height, smoking and drinking habits, etc..

Compare personalities! ← Q&A Answers You + Chris Personality MBTI Big 5 Att. Politics Other Big 5 Personality Traits Olivia (52%) Chris (22%) 100% Introversion 0% Details 0% 0% 0% Chris (58%) Openness to Experience Details 100% Extraversion Olivia (95%) Olivia (81%) Chris (54%) + Agreeableness Details Olivia (53%) Chris (39%) (3) Conscientiousness 100% 100% 100% All Q&A Answers All Values You + Chris Agree Disagree Personality Unanswered Interp. Other Chris' Q&A Answers Which You Agree With Each Other About Q4 | Interpersonal Duolicious If your date's ringtone was the 'Baby Shark' song, would you still go on a second date? Answer Publicly Chris: (X You: X Q28 | Interpersonal Duolicious Is it important that your partner can appreciate a good meme? Q41 | Values Answer Publicly ☑ Chris: (X You: X Duolicious Do you believe that kindness is more important than intelligence? Advanced filters: Free! With zero ads! Q&A Answers Q&A Answers Search Filters 3 Answers > Basics Gender Man, Non-binary, Transgender > Orientation Bisexual, Demisexual, Pansexual > Age 22-27 years > Furthest Distance Height Has a Profile Picture Looking For Smoking Drinking Drugs Long Distance 50 mi. > 5'9"-any > Yes > Short-term dating, Long-term dating > No > Any > No >> Yes > Q Q&A Search 0 Inbox g Traits Profile

Duolicious does not have a "like" system one might see on Tinder and other apps; instead, users can start a conversation with anyone by messaging them.

Still a little confused? Watch the videos on how Duolicious works below.


Is Duolicious Safe To Use?

While we cannot confirm that Duolicious is 100 percent safe to use, during our research we found no indication that the creator of the app is using collected data in a malicious way. You can read Duolicious' Privacy Policy online.

If you're worried about your anonymity and don't want to use a real email account, the creator of the app suggested signing up with a fake email ending with @example.com. Your one-time-password will be 000000.

Why Is Duolicious Being Called A 'Femcel Dating App'?

Duolicious being called a "femcel" app stems primarily from 4chan's reputation for attracting a certain type of asocial audience that includes incels and femcels. So far, screenshots of Duolicious accounts shared online support the idea that the Duolicious might be popular with aggressively non-normie female audience.

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Don't know who femcels are? Learn about the phenomenon in the entry on our site.

For the full history of Duolicious, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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