Give Pikachu a Face

Give Pikachu a Face

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The Pikachu template meme is an exploitable template that users can take and create their own funny and sometimes deranged Pikachus. The template of Pikachu’s head is the most popular but people will also use full body pictures of pikachu they find using image searches.

Origin of the Headshot Pikachu

In 2004 a deviant art user by the name of Bioviral got bored and created a drawing of Pikachu and Squirtle in Flash. The pikachu is the one of importance.

Someone removed the face of it and it began appearing in forums and threads on imageboards like 4chan.

Sightings from earliest to latest
*4chan Thread 2008
*Luxusbuerg Pikachu Face Competition
*Gamespot Thread
*SomethingAwful Thread 2009
*Something Awful Comedy Goldmine

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I highly doubt anyone will ever believe me, but I was the one who posted the original template from Bioviral’s picture. I didn’t know about the full-body Pikachu threads, and I had this dumb idea to start a meme where this picture would be posted with the text “Pokanon, /b/”. For some reason I thought this sounded like a good idea. Of course, no one did that and instead used it as template to draw random faces. I thought it died that night (I didn’t go on /b/ terribly often) and saw it a few months later with people still using my original template. I have a way to tell if it’s my template, but even my friends don’t believe the “proof”.

Just thought I’d share my story. Glad I contributed something worthwhile to the internet!


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