I Hope You Step on a LEGO

I Hope You Step on a LEGO

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“I hope you step on a LEGO is a phrase often used as a retort in rage comics and reaction images to express one’s resentment towards someone who has done something unpleasant as to deserve punishment or ill-fortune, such as accidentally stepping on a LEGO brick.


The humorous association of stepping on a small lego brick in barefoot with severe pain began as early as in 2007 with various parenting blog posts and discussions, as mentioned in I am Mama[4], Frugal Village[17], Huffington Post[1] and Yahoo Voice articles.[18] It has been also reported as a commonly shared experience among parents with children or in childhood memories, according to various Yahoo Answer threads.[6] The earliest known iteration of the phrase in rage comics can be found in a FFFFFUUUUUUUU rage comic posted via 4chan sometime in late 2009.


Its colloquial usage in the comments section of blog articles, videos and image posts became noticeable in 2011, after a screenshot of the phrase was posted by Tumblr blogger suriikufu[2] on February 6th, 2011, receiving more than 60,000 notes. That same day, a Facebook[3] fan page titled “I Hope You Step on a LEGO Brick, Barefoot” was launched, which has accumulated over 44,000 likes as of July 2012.

Throughout the latter half of 2011, a colorful variety of image macros, reaction images and tribute artworks featuring the phrase surfaced on Tumblr[5] under the tag “I hope you step on a lego.”

In Rage Comics

The phrase also became closely associated with various rage comics as a reaction image conveying bitter resentment towards another character(s) portrayed in the same comic, examples of which can be found on a wide range of websites and image-sharing communities, from rage comic specialty blogs like Best Rage Comics[13], RageGenerator[14] and RageStache[15] to general internet humor sites Memebase[10], FunnyJunk[11] and 9gag.[12]

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Having stepped on my fair share of Legos in my time, in addition to thumbtacks, rusty nails, broken glass, burning embers, etc., I would say that I think the effect is less about how much Legos actually hurt (which is quite a lot) than how shocking it is to find that a small, non-sharp piece of plastic should be in the same league as the things I just listed. On the other hand, knives and needles can often go right through a person without even being felt. Case in point:

I don’t know how evident the photo of that scar is, but when I was 12, I cut my hand deep enough to see bones, but didn’t feel a thing. Even getting the 40-odd stitches removed hurt considerably less than stepping on a Lego.


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