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Nyan Nyan

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Nyan Nyan is a scene from the anime Macross Frontier.

Macross Frontier is a science fiction space drama anime about a human space colony fleet trying to find a habitable planet near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The reason why Nyan Nyan is so popular is because of the dance and song’s cuteness appeal which is quite at the opposite of what the show is about, in a manner similar to another famous and memetic scene from the same show : the Kira’s pose.

Following the dance’s popularity on internet, remixes and reenactements have been made.


The scene from Macross Frontier shows Ranka Lee who asks Alto Saotome to come see her while she is at her part time job at the Chinese restaurant “Nyan-Nyan”.

Alto Saotome then says the name of the restaurant, wondering if he heard the name right so Ranka Lee re-enacts the dance and song from a commercial advertising the Nyan Nyan restaurant to show him what restaurant she is talking about.

The very first sight of the Nyan Nyan Dance comes from a Japanese 10 minutes long loop, dating from December 25 2007, and gathering more than 700 000 views to date :

It was soon followed by a more “normal” video showing the dance, which was posted by Youtube user Amarix on December 30 2007 :

A longer version from the scene would be posted on January 4 2008 :

According to many fan websites, including a somethingawful thread, that scene is from Episode 1, first aired on December 23 2007 for the De-culture version :

There’s two versions of Episode one, a preview “De-culture” version and the aired version. Both are about the same length, and each has slightly different content. The De-Culture version is better composed as a whole, while the standard version has more content between the interactions with some characters.

The De-culture version was aired for a while before being replaced by a more “normal” version that has been broadcast in Japan and the rest of world on January 2008. In that version, the Nyan Nyan dance scene has been removed.

Within the show

While the Nyan Nyan bit is regarded as an homage to the initial Nyan Nyan restaurant in the Macross series from 1982, and that peculiar Nyan Nyan dance being removed from further broadcast of the Macross frontier anime, multiple references started being put in the show, highlighting again on the Nyan Nyan dance.

First, the initial untouched Nyan Nyan commercial would be seen floating on the Macross Frontier official website :

Then in a scene from Episode 11 as a new commercial featuring Ranka Lee :

That commercial would also be featured in Episode 15 :

Lastly, the dance would become part of the anime opening credits starting in episode 17, according to an Astrobunny article.
There also would be a music track, named “Chou Jikuu Hanten Nyan Nyan”, in an OST called Nyan Furo


There’s good food here,
pretty girls too!
Nyan nyan nyan
Ni hao nyan
gorgeous, delicious and decultureeee!
It’s delicious, nyan

Remixes and Mads

First video remixes appeared in January of 2008 with Nyanroll, reusing the 10 minutes loop dance as a bait and switch video :

Many Mads and other remixes quickly followed that trend.

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