Chris-Chan / CWC / Christian Weston Chandler

Chris-Chan / CWC / Christian Weston Chandler

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Christian Weston Chandler (b. Christopher Weston Chandler), also known as Chris-Chan and CWC, is a YouTube vlogger and creator of the webcomic Sonichu. Around late 2007, Christian became a trolling target by Encyclopedia Dramatica and 4chan, due to his low quality body of work, unusual behaviors, and extreme reactions to hostility.


Pre-Trolling Life

Christian was born on February 24, 1982 in Charlottesville, Virginia [1] and was raised in Ruckersville, Virginia for the majority of his life. Early in his life he was diagnosed with autism, though it is not sure when exactly this took place. He took interest in Sonic the Hedgehog from the time the earliest games came out, and later took interest in Pokémon as well. In 1994, his name was legally changed from Christopher to Christian after having it misheard by Leonard Bearstein of the Leonard Bearstein Symphony Orchestra, an animatronic musical project. [2] In March of 2000, Chris created the Sonichu character after he was not allowed to use copyrighted characters in a school project, instead combining two preexisting characters to create an “original” character. [1] After graduating from high school, Chris enrolled at Peidmont Virginia Community College, eventually obtaining an associates degree in Computer-Aided Drafting and Design. During this time at the college, Chris had been expelled for a year after attempting to pick up women via signs. [3] Because of this, the dean of the college, Mary Lee Walsh, became a recurring villain in the Sonichu comics. Over the course of this expulsion, Chris began work on the first issue of Sonichu, completing it in March of 2005. [4] Although it had originally focused on the Sonichu and Rosechu characters, the comic eventually turned focus toward his life.

Start of Trolling

Although he had had an online presence since at least 1999 [10], Chris managed to escape the eye of trolls until 2007, when a drawing of Sonichu was posted on 4chan. [11] Though the picture was anonymous, its source was later traced back to Chris, and his comic, website, and YouTube channel were thus discovered. An Encyclopedia Dramatica article on Chris was created sometime in November of the same year.


Due to the large amount of drama arising from Chris, many have commonly agreed to separate different times of his life into Sagas referring to the focus of certain trolls and other individuals. [28]

The Megan Schroeder, Adam Stackhouse, and ED Sagas

Megan Schroeder was a real-life friend of Chris’s whom he had met in 2005. [5] Though she did not have any romantic interest in him, he tried to win her over anyways, going as far as to write her into the Sonichu comic. In 2007, Chris entered the Chop Chop Master Onion’s Rap Showdown, a Sony-held contest promoting the PlayStation Portable version of PaRappa the Rappa, in an attempt to get her to love him, and lost to Adam Stackhouse. [6] Chris, dejected, accused Adam of cheating to win, to the point that he made a video of himself shooting a picture of Adam. [7] Megan told Chris that she was glad he lost and was disturbed by Chris’s obsession with her. [8] Despite this, the two were still friends until March 2008.

Soon after the creation of the Encyclopedia Dramatica article, Chris discovered it for himself. Distressed by the amount of negative attention toward him, the large amount bizarre sexually-themed troll art on the page, and a blurry photo taken of him without his consent, he declared war on the website, denouncing it as “slander”. [12] He went on to start a flame war by creating several sockpuppets, attempting to write himself in a positive light, blanking the page, deleting sections of the article, getting into arguments on the talk page for the article, and uploading his own Rule 34 images, including the infamous ShecameforCWC.jpg, a pornographic image Chris had drawn of himself fingering Megan, to counteract the troll art. [13] Megan discovered the picture, and after this, broke off all communication with Chris. [9] By Spring 2009, Chris had given up on editing the article, though he still attested that it was inaccurate and hateful. The page is still available on the version of the wiki. [14]

The Blanca and Jimmy Hill Sagas

Blanca Weiss was the identity taken on by several trolls some time in 2008. [49] The first trolling attempts were shared by three trolls who contacted Chris via instant messaging and telephone, and were able to keep Chris from posting videos for some time. The saga culminated with Chris sending the Sonichu medallion he wore at the time to one of the three trolls, Ickeriss69, who destroyed it on camera (shown below). [50]

The second trolling attempts were carried out by Encyclopedia Dramatica troll Lordsillynipples, who successfully impersonated Blanca, and was able obtain pornographic photographs from Chris. These were leaked on September 11, 2008. [51] Though the Blanca saga ended by the end of the year, Chris did not seem believe that Blanca was a troll until 2010. It is unknown, however, whether he still believes she was a real person.

Around the same time of the Blanca saga, another troll, under the guise of English association football personality Jimmy Hill, claimed to be the true creator of Sonichu, and had turned the series into a successful franchise in the United Kingdom. [52] Chris, offended by the portrayal of the Sonichu universe in Jimmy Hill’s version (Sonichu as a homosexual, Chris as an evil robot, etc.), as well as the supposed plagiarism of his work, addressed him several times, starting in a video from September 11, the same day as the first nude leaks. [53] In a video dated October 13, Chris addressed Jimmy more directly (shown below, right). [54] However by February of 2009, Jimmy’s site was no longer being updated, and Chris decided to stop paying attention to him.

The Clyde Cash/Gregg Mays, PandaHalo, Miyamoto, and Julie Saga

Clyde Cash, also known as Gregg Mays, was a troll who claimed that his younger brother, Ryan Cash, killed himself when Chris spontaneously announced he would stop publishing Sonichu. [15] He claimed to have raped Chris’s current internet girlfriend PandaHalo, then posed as a web designer named Gregg Mays in order to take a hold of his website and blackmail him into making a video stating he was gay. After that, he impersonated Nintendo game director Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, convincing Chris that a Sonichu game was considered and rejected by Nintendo. Later, Clyde was able to troll Chris in real life by not only getting another individual, Robert Simmons V, to act similar to Chris and actually talk to him [16], but by sabotaging a date with another girlfriend (who turned out to be another real-life troll) via sending a man in a pickle costume to the same location as the date. [17] Clyde was claimed to be killed on May 22, 2009. The image of Lee Hotti became associated with Clyde after Lordsillynipples, the same troll who impersonated Blnca, told Chris that this was what Cash actually looked like. [18]

The Ivy Saga

(coming soon)

The Liquid Chris and Kacey Sagas

Liquid Chris was a troll who appeared in late June of 2009, claiming that Christan was an impersonator and that he was the real Chris. [19] He was able to bait Chris into reacting to him, and soon after a “CWCivil War” trying to prove who was the real Chris-chan broke out between the two, despite Liquid being an obvious imitator. The highlight of this was a karaoke competition, which the real Chris later retracted after losing. [20] After a two month long period of inactivity, Liquid’s at the time supposed girlfriend Kacey managed to gain contact with Chris, and pretended to almost be tricked by Chris into going to his house. [21] She pretended to break up with Liquid until she “learned” that Chris was tricking her. Liquid ended his trolling on November 6 with a video saying that he was given permission to marry Kacey. [22]

The Asperchu and CWCipedia Sagas

Asperchu is a Sonichu parody comic written by Alec Benson Leary, first released on December 4, 2009. [23][24] Chris discovered the comic soon after after being sent several homoerotic pieces of artwork featuring the Sonichu and Asperchu characters. [25] On January 19, 2010, Chris posted a twelve-page portion of Sonichu featuring the Asperchu characters not only being saved from Alec, but also being rewritten into versions of themselves less insulting to Chris, along with an ultimatum insisting that these incarnations were now Asperchu canon. [23] Chris soon apologized for the trouble he was causing. [26] This was, however, seemingly taken back, as Chris soon after uploaded the final pages of Sonichu #10, depicting Alec and the staff of his Asperchu wiki being brutally murdered in various ways. [27]

The Surfshack Tito and CWC Exile Sagas

In March of 2010, Chris attempted to disconnect himself from the Internet. [28] It is commonly believed his former pastoral counselor Rochelle “Rocky” Shoemaker was behind this exile. [29] Although he was seemingly gone, Chris was, in reality, still around, contacting yet another potential girlfriend (see below), posing as a troll named “JenkinsJinkies” on the CWCki [30], and uploading various animations for Flipnote Studio. [31] He was also covertly photographed at several Fridays After Five events in Charlottesville, VA. [32] This saga ended in late August, when three videos leaked of Chris destroying his PlayStation 3. [33]

The Jackie and Tomgirl Sagas

Jacklyn “Jackie” Romy was a troll who represented herself through a fake alias nicknamed “Jackie” accompanied by a picture of an anonymous female taken from a set of amateur adult photographs (shown below, left). Chris first got into contact with her in April of 2010,[42] and the two corresponded via email for several weeks over the course of the month. During this period, Jackie discovered Chris’s online presence, which culminated into a video on April 21st where Chris describes what sexual acts he would perform on her (shown below, right).[43][44]

Disgusted by his seeming unwillingness to be in a stable relationship, Jackie broke off communication with Chris until July.[45] She attempted to give Chris advice on how to improve his life, which he ultimately ignored. In September 2010, she asked Chris to draw pictures of he and herself having intercourse, to which he obliged. He also made several videos targeting Jackie’s ex-boyfriend, and, through October, recorded several videos of him cosplaying in order to impress her, mostly as various cartoon characters. The Jackie saga ended after Chris stopped replying to her emails at the end of the same month, and to many it is still unclear whether “Jackie” was an online troll pretending to be a female interested in Chris or if she actually was real.

In late March of 2011, Chris sent an email to Jackie about a new interest he had picked up: crossdressing. [46] At the end of April, Surfshack Tito leaked images of Chris dressed in women’s clothing. In May, he joined the now defunct Tomboys and Tomgirls of Virginia forum, and was soon found out in the next month. [47] Over the course of August, Chris made a series of videos, named the “Calling Out” series, in an attempt to get trolls to apologize to him; only Surfshack Tito met his demands. [48] The Tomgirl Saga ended in September with the death of Chris’s father, Robert Chandler.

The GAMe PLACe Saga

(Remainder of Sagas and Other Things Coming Soon)

Reception and Spread

Chris has been received negatively by many sources, mainly for his low quality body of work, peculiar behaviors, extreme reactions to trolls, homophobia, racism, use of autism as a crutch, gullibility, questionable cleanliness, and obesity. In particular, his vlog from April 28, 2009 has been picked up and commentated on by both comedy website and the nationally syndicated Opie and Anthony Show [35][36] , and the peculiar I Got A Fish was discussed on G4’s Web Soup and the May 12, 2009 episode of Boston radio show The Toucher and Rich Show. [37][38] Chris was placed at the top spot on’s “20 Worst Internet Losers” list. [40] Comic book reviewer Linkara of Atop the Fourth Wall fame has called both Chris and Sonichu bizarre, and has stated he will never review Sonichu because he’d rather not pay any attention to Chris. [34] Notable voice actress Tara Strong, in a response to an accusation Chris made about her encouraging trolling with her video “Twilightlicious”, stated that she “hope[s] … [to] never meet the guy”. [41] Flash animator Henry Partridge has referenced Chris and Sonichu in several animations, including Nicolas Cage Wants Cake. [39]

Search Interest

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