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Sonichu is a webcomic created by vlogger Christine Weston Chandler, better known by her nickname Chris-chan. The comic, which follows the adventures of the titular protagonist, a fusion of the Pokemon character Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog, has been widely mocked online for its amateur art style and writing.


Sonichu was first posted online on November 24th, 2004.[1] The comic was characterized by amateurish drawing and its unoriginal content, as most of it was 'borrowed' from Pokémon, Sonic, Dragon Ball and Excel Saga, with some dialogue lifted directly from countless other sources. It was widely ignored before Chris' video-blog and personal life gained internet infamy. At that point, the comics departed from their original storyline to describe Sonichu's sex life and the author's own personal problems (mostly connected with their inability to find 'a boyfriend-free girlfriend'). Since Sonichu 8, the war against trolls has become one of the most important arcs of Sonichu. It ended in Sonichu 10, where the main characters violently murdered the trolls.

Paradoxically, Sonichu is not the main character of the series. Since Sonichu 2 (actually the third issue, first was Sonichu 0), most of its story focused on Chris. The author portrayed herself as superhuman, extremely intelligent, blessed by God (literally), mayor of CWCville, and has her own super mode which is activated by a magic MacGuffin.

Attack of the Trolls

Around 2007, Sonichu and Chris were discovered by trolls, who ridiculed both the comics and Chris' behavior. This was soon followed by an Encyclopedia Dramatica article on the comic.[2] Upon its discovery, Christine attempted to convince the site to remove the page. When this failed, she began vandalizing parts of the article in an attempt to better her image. She also began to post pornographic artwork of her own creations as a means to protest against it. While this artwork mostly portrayed Sonichu characters, there was one in particular that portrayed her performing a sexual act with a friend from her real-life (which later resulted in said friend breaking off contact with her). This led to extensive trolling by ED and 4chan (especially /b/ and /v/). As time passed, the trolling community became obsessive about ruining Chris-chan's life, which resulted in its isolation from the rest of the internet community.


During the early years of CWC trolling, many parodies of Sonichu were made.[3] The most notable included:

  • Simonchu
    A troll fiction, its main character was turned into a female by Chris and included in Sonichu, which resulted in bigger conflict between Evan (Simonchu's creator) and Chris.
  • Asperchu
    A troll fiction, presenting Sonichu's story in non-idealized way.
  • 'Pickle' fanart
    Drawings sent to Chris by e-mail, portraying Rosechu (Sonichu's girlfriend) as hermaphrodite; Chris responded to it angrily, using later parodied sentences like 'she is a girl, she does not have a pickle' or 'draw her masturbating and squirting.'
  • The Girl Who Brought Down the World
    A story by Vivian Gee (before she became a dedicated troll), dystopian fiction realistically depicting 'what if CWCville was true'; the story was meant to show Chris what she was doing wrong.

On August 13th, 2015, YouTuber Arc posted an animated parody of the series, gaining over 848,000 views (shown below).

Online Presence

In addition to the infamous Encyclopedia Dramatica article, multiple wikis have been dedicated to Sonichu and Chris-chan, including Asperpedia,[4] CWCki[5] and Bad Webcomics Wiki.[1] There is also a TV Tropes[6] page dedicated to Sonichu.

On August 25th, 2016, YouTube account Frederik Knudsen posted a "Down The Rabbit Hole" episode on Sonichu and Chris-chan, gaining over 4 million views (shown below).

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