Remember me? / MBD

Remember me? / MBD

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The original trailer:

On June 2nd, 2009 at E3, a trailer for Metroid: Other M was released at the nintendo press conference. in the trailer, there is a scene where a black man says “remember me?” when he has never actually been in a metroid game at all.

This “Mysterious Black Dude” (MBD for short) as he came to be called on the same day as E3, eventually became a running in-joke among GameFaqs users.

A sampling of threads:

MBD has popped up in at least 308 instances on

From Urban Dictionary:

Short for “mysterious black dude”, the character who briefly appears in the trailer for Metroid Other M. Dubbed this title by the community of the gamefaqs forums, he is known for his famous line “Remember me?” and has been the subject of several pictures and videos.

Google Insights

Although there is very minimal search for the terms “Mysterious Black Guy” or “remember me guy” and searches for MBD do not reflect those for this meme, there was a very noticeable peak in interest for the general phrase “remember me” which shows a strong peak correlating with the June 2009 E3 release.

Youtube Poop

On the YouChewPoop Forums, “Mysterious Black Dude” has been mentioned at least 78 times, while MBD has been mentioned another 229 times.

Because MBD or “Remember Me Guy” is a popular character used in many Youtube Poops, there is a page about him on Chewiki.

Excerpt from Chewiki:

Remember him? Mysterious Black Dude, or MBD for short, is the unofficial name given to a character who appears in the trailer for Metroid: Other M. He wears a suit similar to Samus, with a visor that can move up and down. He often opens and closes the visor in rapid succession, which tends to result in damage to his helmet. He also often asks people if they remember him, and smiles even if they say no. Sometimes, his face gets replaced with other faces.

Is There An Official Name For Him?

Well, some people call him the Remember Me Guy due to him saying “Remember Me?!” to Samus Aran. As of today though, he has no official name.

The remember me guy is also used on as an option for password remembering.


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