Shoop Da Whoop / I’M A’ FIRIN’ MAH LAZER!!

Shoop Da Whoop / I’M A’ FIRIN’ MAH LAZER!!

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Shoop da Whoop, also known as I’M A’ FIRIN’ MAH LAZER!! shows a blackface mouth and eyes suddenly (and frequently without warning) shooting a powerful stream of laser.


The origin of Shoop da Whoop is disputed. Encyclopedia Dramatica claims the meme to originated from a flash animation called Syntax Error #2 posted in 4chan’s /b/ board, which featured an image of the Dragonball Z character ‘Cell’ in blackface with the caption: “I’M A’ FIRIN’ MAH LAZER!!”. Sometimes, the phrase “I’M A’ CHARGIN’ MAH LAZER” is also used before the attack is unleashed.[1]
The following is the most accurate depiction of it.

While the big redish lips, black face and weird eyes may strike the viewer as a blatant racist icon, it must be pointed out that it’s actually a modified version of Cell’s angry face appearing in episode 157 from the original Dragon Ball Z anime series.
It can be clearly seen in the following video at 1:28:


The Lazer Collection Series

On January 29, 2007, YouTube user DominicFear (DFear Studios) uploaded the video THE LAZER COLLECTION, which popularized the Shoop da Whoop meme. The video has reached over 11 million views.


Additional Lazer Collection videos were uploaded on YouTube, together gaining over 20 million views. Those videos can be watched on DominicFear’s YouTube channel.[3]
Based upon it, many other Youtubers jumped on the trend to make their own collections, usually reusing the Curve – Hell above the water soundtrack as an intro and tribute song:

The Lazer Collection also gave birth to an iconic character who likes to spew lasers out of his mouth after shouting his name, Dr. Octogonapus.

Videos and Music Remixes

Many additional animations and music remixes were created based on Shoop da Whoop.

Shoop da whoop:


Shoop da Whoop-I’ma Firin’ Mah Lazah [Full Song]:

The Impossible Quiz

On February 20th, 2007, Newgrounds user Splapp-me-do submitted a flash game, The Impossible Quiz, where the 59th question features a face charging and shooting a laser.[2]

Royal Rainbow

It has been rumoured throughout the Internet that if someone is about to fire their lazer, and a taco is stuffed into their mouth, they will instead swallow their lazer and release a Royal Rainbow.
Quoted from Urban Dictionary:[4]

Jered fails HARD
Jered shoves taco in Phil’s mouth
Phil releases Royal Rainbow

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External References

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