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Gohan Blanco refers to a series of references regarding the transformation of the Dragon Ball character Gohan into Super Saiyan White.


On April 30th, 2017, the character Gohan unlocked his most potential in episode 88 of the anime television series Dragon Ball Super. The moment is considered by some fans as a highly anticipated one, considering the character has only transformed into "mystic Gohan," as fans call him, twice before. When Gohan transforms, his hair turns white, hence the name "Gohan Blanco," a Spanish translation of White Gohan.


On September 12th, 2017, Dragon Ball Wiki[2] user 4Channer Weeb launched a page for Super Saiyan Gohan or "Godhan." The post is categorized as a shitpost.

Throughout September and October, numerous threads and references to Gohan Blanco were made by anonmyous 4chan users, particularly in the /a/ anime forum.[6][7][8] On September 27th, an anonmyous 4chan[7] user posted a parody power ranking of Dragon Ball characters, placing Gohan Blanco at the top.

OFFICIAL DRAGON BALL POWER- LEVEL RANKINGS Lia Gohan"El Diablo" Blanco Powerlevel: Infinity 1 El Grande Padre Powerlevel: Infinity Son Gohan Ultimate Mistico Perfecto Powerlevel: 99999999999999999999999999999999 Zeno "The Thirsty Watermelon" Powerlevel: 9999999999999999999999999999998 Base form CHADhan Powerlevel: 6969696969696969696969696969699 Lord "Puddingcups" Powerlevel: 42000000e00000e000000000000e00e Emperor "I do what Beerus tells me" Freeza Powerlevel: 1000000000000000000000000000000 Vegeto Azul Powerlevel: 1000000000000000 Grandma Goku Powerlevel: 90000e

On October 10th, YouTuber [6] suprememe posted a video entitied "Blanco Gohan (Super Saiyan White) Full Theme – Dragon Ball Super." The video (shown below) contains various piece of Gohan Blanco content, including the multi-panel comic that many others reference. Within three weeks, the video has received more than 2,000 views.

On October 11th, an anonymous Imgur [3] user posted a multiple-panel webcomic of Gohan's transformation in Spanish. In the last panel, he says the character unofficial catchphrase, "Esto es el fin, Grande Padre." The comic is frequently referenced in conversation about Gohan Blanco, particularly the final line. The following week, on October 18th, Game FAQ[4] user DontDieNintendo used the comic as an explanation for the meme.

I-Impossible! Gohan ! Esto es el fin, Grande Padre

On October 13th, Naruto Forums[5] user XImpossibruX posted "Who the hell is Gohan Blanco? Is this a Mexican Meme?" Another user, HoroHoro responded by saying:

"Gohan Blanco is the savior, the hope and the hero of justice who will defeat Jiren the GREAT. It is his true destiny to not only transcend Goku, but to transcend all of Dragon Ball itself, and to live among the Gods. Goku uses GoD power, but Gohan uses Angelic powers. After he defeats El Grande Padre by using the power of the Angels, his divine light will shine on all the victims of El Grande Padre's evil. Gohan is the light that cries out in the darkness, the true loyal, lawful, and good. :hiddles

"Gohan shall transcend the limits of a Saiyan and has spoken to the hearts of all the suffering, letting them know it's ok, because Gohan is always on our side. He is kind not only to his allies, but even to his enemies. Sometimes, when there is an evil that can't be spared, Gohan's anger will send it running in fear, if they disobey his word enough, he will cast them down. :hiddles"

On October 15th, Facebook user[9] AkiraToriyamaBrazil posted a video entitled "Gohan Blanco vs Jiren." Within 11 days, the video (shown below) received more than 19,000 views, 200 reactions and 30 shares.

On October 23rd, Game FAQ user[10] IloveslimesOMG posted a thread entitled "4chan STOLE OUR MEME GOHAN BLANCO," indicating that they believe Game FAQs is responsible for the meme. The thread has since been removed.

El Hermano

On October 17th, 2017, an anonymous 4chan[11] user posted in the /a/ message board posted a fan theory about the existence of a character known as "El Hermano." The character is supposedly the character Jiren's borther. They wrote:

"After Gohan reached a new level and became Gohan Calvo, he finally managed to defeat El Grande Padre once and for all and save the multiverse. However, soon after he did so, a stranger appears on the battlefield. It is Jiren's brother, El Hermano, whose power vastly overshadows Jirens. El Hermano was personally trained by the Regla de Todos to replace him, a fact that El Grande Padre resented, which is why he killed the Regla de Todos while El Hermano was away. El Hermano is a prodigy from el planeta mexicano who quickly surpassed the Regla de Todos and even El Grande Padre during his training. Luckily, El Hermano is not evil, however he is upset that Gohan defeated his brother Jiren. He therefore challenges the Lutadores Z to another tournament: the Torneo de los Hermanos. In it we will see Hit's brother, Hit de Rojo, appear, as well as many other brothers returning with new forms. Jiren will reveal a new form he received after becoming a GoD and being trained by El Hermano: Jiren Negro. With this he will try to challenge Gohan. Gohan realized that although Calvo is very powerful, it drains his power too quickly. However, eventually he will discover that there is actually untapped potential in the Blanco form. He will eventually achieve mastery over the Blanco form.

On February 25th, 2018, YouTuber[14] yeetman92 uploaded a video entitled "Dragon Ball Super 132 El Hermano vs Jiren (Full power)," a fan-made battle between Jiren and El Hermano The post (shown below) received more than 860,000 views in two months.

On February 26th, 2018, YouTuber[12] Joe Capo reposted the video with voices and audio. The post (shown below, left) received more than 133,000 views in less than one month.

Roughly three weeks later, YouTuber[13] ExperGamez posted a video entitled "The Story of El Hermano." The post (shown below, right) delivered the theories behind the character. Within two days, the video received more than 168,000 views.

Shaggy Blanco

On October 13th, 2017, one day after the release of the original Ultra Instinct Shaggy
video, YouTuber Holy Wubstorm uploaded a video titled "El Shaggy Blanco," featuring an edited Dragonball Z scene featuring the character Shaggy Rogers from Scooby Doo (shown below).

On December 29th, an entry for Shaggy was created on the Ultra Dragon Ball Wiki,[15] which contains a story about Shaggy becoming "Shaggy Blanco":

"After Gohan's defeat against El Grande Padre, Shaggy decides to get serious and unleashes his true power by transforming into Shaggy Blanco."

On July 20th, 2018, Redditor Overlander820 submitted a copypasta about Shaggy Blanco to the /r/copypasta[16] subreddit. On July 28th, Redditor PKMancer submitted an edited screencap of Shaggy with white hair titled "Shaggy Blanco" from the video "JIREN vs. SHAGGY ¿Quién Ganaría? | Teoría" by YouTuber TheDracerGx to /r/BokuNoMetaAcademia[17] (shown below).[18]

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El Grande Padre is definitely one of my favorite Dragon Ball characters.

He's right next to such beloved and iconic characters of the series like Don Ramon.


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