/tg/ (Traditional Games)

/tg/ (Traditional Games)

Added Aug 23, 2011 at 09:10PM EDT by Cale.

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Since the early 80’s, Table-Top, Fantasy, Board, and Role-play games have been popular among gamers and teens around the world, ranging from Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer 40,000, to Monopoly and Battleship. Interest in such things led to users on 4Chan, usually /b/ or /v/, to frequently discuss the games or create distracting posts on the subjects. So popular were such threads and activity, that a board just for Traditional Games was made, known as /tg/. As with many things on 4Chan, Traditional Memes spawned many little jokes that caught on fast.


Upon /tg/’s founding, users flocked to their new thread grounds and began to make threads on the subject of their favorite games. Certain quirks about many games or their rules began to spring up in complaint threads and debates. Many of these were on the subject of strange things in a game (See “Space Marine”) or a silly/unusual rule (See “Bear Lore”). Such subjects were quickly made into inside jokes, which began to spread through out the board and 4Chan itself. As time went on, these mini-memes spread to many game sites, such as WH40k forums, DnD forums, and other such sites, where their popularity grew higher.



Arguably the most popular subject on /tg/, Wh40k is a Sci-Fi Miniature Table-Top game created by Rick Priestly and Andy Chambers in 1987. The game took place in the year 40,000, hence the name, and was set in a similar setting to Warhammer Fantasy Battle, though in a much more advanced setting. The game is known for it’s intense violence and dark, gothic setting. The 40k setting is described by the game’s ad-line: “In the grim darkness of the future, there is only war!”, with the tag line itself spawning the word “grimdark”. The most iconic piece of 40k, and most popular, is a faction known as the Space Marines, or Adeptus Astartes. Space Marines are genetically altered super soldiers in heavy power armor, similar to StarCrafts Terran Marines, but much more “grimdark”, and have come to represent the games hardcore nature. The intense game has, in a sense, imploded on itself on /tg/, with most of it’s grimdark features becoming silly in the eyes of users and players. IE Pauldrons. Among many of 40k’s memes, there are; Love can Bloom, Just as Planned, CREEEEEEED, Pauldrons, and others.


Perhaps the second most popular subject, DnD is the worlds most popular Role-Playing game to date, with millions enjoying the game from the 80’s to today. DnD began as a crossover role-play with the game “Chainmail”, and was created by Gary Gygan and Dave Arneson in 1974, and sold copies of the result, titling it “Dungeons and Dragons”, or DnD for short. Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy RPG, in which one makes a character and performs various things a hero in a fantasy work would do, such as perform quests, raid Dungeons, and fight Dragons, including all the magic and myth of the novel. The idea was a massive hit, as people could now put themselves into the works they so loved and enjoy it with others. The flexability of DnD lets almost anything happen in game, and many situational stories have made jokes of their own on the Internet, such as Bear Lore, Alignments, and What I made / What the DM saw / What I played.

Neckbeard / fa/tg/uys

Due to the stereotype of gamers being basement dwellers and fat people, users on /tg/ are referred to as (and sometimes to each other) as Neckbeards or fa/tg/uys. A “Neckbeard” is in reality a growth of hair on the neck, presumebly due to hair growing freely without care or unshavable neck fat preventing notice or care. Fa/tg/uys is similar in nature to /b/tards, in the sense that it uses the board’s name to spell out the nick-name of users on said board.

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