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Drawfag is a slang term used to identify oneself as or describe an illustrator who shares original artworks on online artist communities.


The label is believed to have originated from the image board site 4chan, where the term fag is commonly used as a non-derogatory suffix to refer to an active participant of a particular hobby, subculture or other specific fields of interest. One of the earliest recorded uses of the term can be found in an original illustration uploaded by DeviantArt user Alseid on August 22nd, 2007. Titled "Snape – Fuck your court," the user mentions that the image was drawn and uploaded per request made in a "drawfag" thread on 4chan's /co/ board.[1] One of the earliest recorded mentions of the label on 4chan dates back to December 19th, 2007, in a reply post to a thread on the /tg/ board.[2]

Anonymous 12/19/07(Wed)13:33 No.916470 File :1198089239 png-(139 KB, 1476x1564, 1198017065275 png) 916466 Oh yes, I remember this. I even remember Chink drawfagging for it. Awesome indeed.


On 4chan-affiliated archive.moe, a search query for "Drawfag" yields more than 137,000 posts as of July 2015.[3] On January 4th, 2010, Urban Dictionary user /y/ Anon submitted a definition entry for the term.[4] On January 18th, 2011, an entry about the slang term was submitted to 1d4chan.[5] The /drc/ board on 8chan was launched as a place where users can share and discuss their original art creations.[6]

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The greater aerie
The greater aerie

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fag is a descriptive suffix describing a anon with a noticeable characteristic
such as warhammer-fag
and so on.
it is not however a directly derogatory term, as everyone is a faggot


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