Tetsu the Robot Pet Dog

Tetsu the Robot Pet Dog

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“Tetsu” the Robot Pet Dog (Japanese: 愛犬ロボ「てつ」, Aiken Robo “Tetsu”) is a battery-operated stuffed animal toy produced by the Japanese toy company Iwaya.[1] Because of its ridiculousness, the infomercial for this toy generated a lot of buzz among Japanese internet users and went on to spawn an extensive series of MAD videos on the Japanese video sharing site Nico Nico Douga (NND).


This robotic dog toy was released in 2006 as the fourth product in Iwaya’s “communication pet” series. Its infomercial began airing in late 2007 by the Japanese teleshopping company Nihon Tsuhan. Despite it was a kids toy, the target customers of this infomercial were old folks because it was mainly aired in early afternoon hours.

Please allow me to introduce the robot pet dog “Tetsu” today.
You can heal your mind when you just watch him.

A remote-control device comes with her.

When you push this “Follow Around” Button in the center
He comes straight to you.

He’s not the one who only walks.
When you stroke her back or head
or touch both his ears

you can enjoy all sorts of lovery responses.

Besides yelping
when you push the “T” button

“Let’s play together!”

So he speaks

He can talk about 20 phrases.

When you push the “K” button

“Shall we play together?”

He speaks even Kansai dialect.

Besides, when you push the “Note♪” button

He sings a song shaking his body.
He won’t make you bored.

I felt lonely because my children left home. But, since Tetsu got here, I have enjoyed everyday’s life and loved him like a real pet.

At the present for your child, or to those who can’t keep pets due to the matter of the housing situation, I recommend him.

A heartwarming and healing partner.

The robot Pet Dog “Tetsu” costs 9800 yen. 9800 yen. It’s a very reasonable price.

Please call at 0120-666-666 We are Nihon Chokuhan.


This infomercial was first uploaded to NND on November 2nd, 2007[2], and soon made NND users laugh by its cheapness and an old lady’s ridiculous catch line: she could avoid the feeling of loneliness by this robotic dog. People immediately set it for the subject of MAD videos as usual.

Among several early instances, the video led the subsequent popularity to this video series was a classic style MAD video “Incredible Dog Tetsu”. It was posted to YouTube on November 5th, 2007 by checkit014[3] who was also the originator of another MAD video series Doom series, and soon imported to NND.[4]

Since then, more than 100 videos in this series had been uploaded to NND in its first year. And as of June 2012, the amount of them is about 230.[5]

Moreover, like Three Wolf Moon and Commando, many people have posted hilarious customer reviews parodying the original TVCM to the Amazon product page.[6]

Notable Examples

Left: Ritsu Tanakai from K-ON![7] | Right: Yui Hirasawa from K-ON![8]

Left: Minko Tsurugi from Hanasaku Iroha[9] | Right: Shuzo Matsuoka[10]

Left: Marisa Stole the Precious Thing[11] | Right: U.N. Owen Was Her?[12]

Search Interest

External References

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