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Shuzo Matsuoka (Japanese: 松岡修造) is a now-retired Japanese professional tennis player, perhaps best known for his appearance at the Wimbledon quarter-finals in 1995.[1] Since his retirement, Matsuoka has become a popular television sports commentator and gourmet reporter in Japan. He hosts the "Shuzo Challenge", an annual tennis camp for young children run by the Japan Tennis Association.

Shuzo is mostly known for his motivating and energetic character. And his unique messages airing through TV commercials and his official web site have been one of the most popular subjects for MAD videos on Nico Nico Douga (NND) since 2008.


Shuzo Matsuoka has been releasing comical video messages where he motivates his fans to life in a rather impressive and passionate way on his official web site[2] since 2006.[3] This video series titled "For You" (こんなあなたに, Konna Anata Ni) is mostly shot during visiting in each locations as a sports commentator or gourmet reporter. This video series wasn't known so much widely in early days, but the user-made omnibus video of "For you" series succeeded to spotlight it. This video titled "[Shuzo Matsuoka] Message to Nico Nico Users [enthusiastic]" was posted on NND on January 4th, 2008.[4]

Time Transcript
0:05 Happy new year, everybody
0:09 My this year’s slogan is “be serious”.
0:13 If you get serious, you can change yourself.
0:16 If you get serious, you can change everything.
0:19 So everyone, get serious and hang in there!!
0:22 Happy new year, everybody. Please treat me this year as well as you did last year.
0:25 My this year’s slogan is doing one thing intently.
0:30 I’m gonna do my best intently. Thanks in advance.
0:34 Be intent!!
0:37 Go for it! Go for it! You can do it! You can do it! You can do it absolutely!! Go for it! you can do more!! You can do it!
0:41 No, it’s idle fear!! Go for it!! Go for it!! That’s it!! That’s it!! Don’t give up! you must go for it aggressively and positively! Go for it! Go for it because…
0:46 Beijing is making the best effort now!!
0:55 You said you would become the No.1…
0:58 like that Mt. Fuji!
1:00 You said you would become the best in Japan.
1:04 Remember old days!!
1:06 From now, You’re…
1:08 Mt. Fuji !!!!
1:25 Don’t pay it any mind. Don’t let it get you down.
1:29 That’s all right. It’s going to be fine.
1:33 Don’t worry, Be Happy!
1:45 Don’t give up…
1:49 You! Don’t give up!!
1:52 Why do you drop by the wayside? Keep trying a little longer !!
1:56 Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop giving up!
1:59 Think about people around you! Think about people who cheers you up !
2:03 You’re almost finished. Just needing one more effort to finish.
2:05 Even in me, I’m doing my best to take freshwater clams in a lake ten degrees below zero.
2:09 You must keep a trying. You can accomplish the goal invariably. So…
2:14 Never give up!
2:22 World is cold…
2:26 People is unconcerned about your feelings however you make effort.
2:33 You might sometimes think why people doesn't tune in to your mind.
2:35 Me too!
2:37 If I try expressing my feelings seriously, people claims to me “you’re too passionate!”.
2:42 But, everything is alright. There’ll always be people tuning in to you. So…
2:48 Follow me !!!
3:05 You pass your time in idleness, don’t you. You’re hesitating, aren't you?
3:10 “I wanna be energetic!” it’s easy.
3:13 Don’t recall the past.
3:15 “Why did I do such a thing?”. The past makes you anger.
3:18 Don’t think about the future too.
3:21 “Am I going to be OK? a ha~” The future makes you afraid.
3:24 So, Be intent! Do one thing intently.
3:29 Yeah! Do live the present moment, everybody.
3:33 It makes you energetic!!
3:44 “what a terrible cold” For you who think so, I tell you how to make you hot immediately.
3:50 That is words. If you say it’s cold, you’ll be cold.
3:55 So, Let’s say it’s hot. what? I’m getting hot.
4:00 My heart and body are getting hot. I’m hot…hot…
4:07 Yes, I’m human Hokkairo (pocket warmer)! My soul and body are hot. I’m OK whatever I do.
4:12 Let’s make the best of it with this heat.
4:18 [what are these Hokkairo on your back for ?]
4:27 Become hotter.
4:30 Burning your hot blood.
4:32 When we become hot, we can become real self. so…
4:45 You feel frustrated, don’t you. I know. There are many things which don’t go the way you want them to.
4:51 Although I come to Ishikawa and find the tasty crabs before my very eyes, I can’t eat them. I must put up with that. it happens sometimes.
4:59 There are realy many things which don’t go the way I want them to.
5:02 But, if you make effort, chance will comes to you most definitely.
5:07 Go for it!
5:12 hu~
5:16 Don’t feel pressed. Don’t feel pressed. Have a break, Have a break.
5:21 hu~
5:27 Go for it! Go for it! You can do it! You can do it! You can do it absolutely!! Go for it! you can do more!! You can do it!
5:32 No, it’s idle fear!! Go for it!! Go for it!! That’s it!! That’s it!! Don’t give up! you must go for it aggressively and positively! Go for it! Go for it because…
5:37 Beijing is making the best effort now!!
5:47 oh… what a hot day it is. Yeah, i got it.
5:52 you want to cool yourself. Really? OK, I make you cool immediately. Come on…
5:59 Hey, what kind of house your house is? ……
6:02 Hey! Answer the question! yayyayyayyay…
6:06 OK, Be ready for it.
6:09 what is this sea? what is this sea’s name?
6:12 Sea, Sea, Sea. umi umi umi umi…
6:15 What? … I got it. So, Take that!
6:20 MATSUOKA!! Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
6:23 Zou!!
6:25 I hope you’re gonna be cool!

Most of Japanese internet users became to know his hilarious messages by this video.


On that video sharing site, Shuzo Matsuoka became to one of the most popular subject for MADs, following after Hissu Amoto San and Billy Herrington, by NND's curiosity seekers around the late 2008. One of the notable milestones, the first MAD video of Marisa Stole the Precious Thing remix, was posted on March 11th, 2008.[5]

The highest peak of this meme was from 2009 to 2011, when more than 2000 videos of Shuzo MADs were posted to NND in every year. And, as of the end of 2012, the amount of those videos had reached over 9,000.[6] On YouTube, many of his videos are reprinted to there and he also has been occasionally used in YouTube Poop Music Videos (YTPMVs) by YouTubers outside Japan.[7]

Besides, he had played a part of the trigger/important position of spreading musical resource fads in many times because his videos have no negative essences like Hissu Amoto San or Billy's gay porn videos and always recieved favourably.

Shuzo Matsuoka's reaction

In October 2009, Shuzo Matsuoka got interviewed on Japanese magazine Tennis Magazine about his Internet fame in MADs and remixes :

「こんなあなたに…」を素材 にした動画について 品し、命思が 出ぱいでいではしっと 動なる ばが!' oても-、さおて絶サに画の き 、︶いつどつ悪﹂凝い、、怒なもいたイ: : コ公 だもをだてだていをつる僕るいしるなトしーーーム 忐とれみれこれのげ編﹂﹁か1がのいに, y っ 烈よな 、ないはいに思ンっいな勝がす なうが感にか、しは3トいうん手まる編 に﹁に 、 も…ーて 、うのてにじ人集んぜ にいい所 、う逆あ見よこは 、加めがしなて を僕作た懸ととにつてくとウ僕エにあてあい る 謝一ーな

Translation :

About the videos reusing Konnna Anata Ni
There is no end to the number of people who make remixes reusing the Konna Anata Ni videos from my official website and post them to video sharing services.
I'll never forgive people who modify my earnest videos by preference and laugh it out! ---- I'm joking, I don’t get angry about this at all. I am surprised and I say to! myself “Wow, it’s amazing!” when I watch those videos.
I also want to congratulate the people behind the well-done remixes. They are marvelous!! At the same time, I hope the lower-quality ones will get more efforts made into it.
I appreciate people making these videos with my heart and soul.
I think we should make more epic videos for you to be able to make more better remixes.

His statement made a headline across the Japanese web, and several online gossip news sites reported its impact among Japanese internet users.[8][9]

Moreover, he has continually gotten offers to his energetic performance in many TV commercials since after this fame.

Notable Examples

For more videos, check out the videos section in this entry.

Left: God Knows… from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya | Right: Super Mario Bros. Parody

Left: Nico Nico Douga Ryūseigun | Right: Nanairo no Nico Nico Douga

Collaboration works

Shuzo Matsuoka had been sometimes set to the main theme for collaboration campaigns in MAD editor's community. Some of them were made for celebrating his birthday of November 6th or the achievement of the last eight in the Wimbledon on July 3rd in 1995. Those collaboration MADs are usually a long footage more than 10 minutes consisting of medley of short MAD videos.

Left: feat. Touhou Project Songs | Right: Wimbledon Anniversary Edition

Left: 2010 Anniversary Edition | Right: 2012 Anniversary Edition feat. Nintendo Songs

Robert’s potential

Robert’s potential (ロバートの将来性, Robert no Shouraisei)[10] is a sub-meme coming from a short footage of one of Shuzo's videos shot in San Francisco's harbor in which he mischievously and suddenly asked one of his crew member, a young guy, to explain, in Japanese and in less than 5 secondes, the making-of they were shooting. It was later revealed that his name is "Robert" and that he was a TV crew member of Japanese TV show "Kuishinbou Banzai" (食いしん坊バンザイ, lit. Viva big eater) hosted by Shuzo.

His funny reaction and weak moan/shout, for he had no speech prepared for what he was asked for, making him great MAD material, first appeared in the full video of the show, uploaded to NND on October 21st, 2008.[11]

That led to about 130 videos made of him on NND alone.[12]

Notable Robert's Examples

Left: First Robert MAD video | Right: RED ZONE[13]

Search Interest

External References

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