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A Youtube Poop Fad

YES! YES!” is a Youtube Poop fad sparked by Youtube Pooper YouPooper (Rioting Soul on XBox Live). The videos use a clip from the cartoon Street Fighter series in an episode when M. Bison said “YES! YES!” with quite fitting music in the background.

According to Chewiki, M. Bison likes to say “yes” but that is all that can be ascertained.

“Yes” is one of 53 Youtube Poop One-Liners recognized by Chewiki.

YES YES” is also the first Youtube Poop Quote listed in the Pooping to Prominence “Other Cartoons based on video games” section on


YouPooper, AKA Rioting Soul contacted Know Your Meme to give us a recount of how he sparked the meme.

I frequent a fighting game website named In the forums, a member named The Switcher created a thread about the USA Network’s cartoon adaptation of Street Fighter. He got his hands on the episodes and uploaded them onto youtube for us to enjoy how bad it was.

See: theswitcher on Youtube.

For a few months up until then, I wanted to get into pooping(making youtube poop) but things never worked out. While watching one episode of the cartoon I witnessed the Bison scene and had to poop it. I made an alternate youtube account since the other one was for serious videos. I made the poop, uploaded it and made it a response to the OVER 9000! video.

(later posted on Dailymotion)

That is the first instance of the meme(and the DELICIOUS! meme which I think should be merged/mentioned). I posted it on the Shoryuken forum and we had a little laugh. For a while, it stayed inside the and youtube poop communities. The Switcher started getting requests for him to upload a clip of Bison saying only those lines. Much later, other uses and references have popped up.

OVER 9000! creator Kajetokun makes a reference(at 0:38):

A combination with the X in G Major meme:

In the 14th scene of this flash: Sonic Shorts: Volume 3

Google Insights for search

Searches for the M. Bison “Yes Yes” fad seem to have began in late 2007 or early 2008. Early on, it seems that this fad caught on with the YTP-making community, and has plateaued into a state of relative stability.


Although there was an existing and unrelated alternate YTMND universe called YESYES begun in 2006, at least one instance of the M. Bison YESYES fad spread to YTMND.

Instances of YES YES Youtube Poop

This Youtube Poop fad has crossed over with many other existing Youtube Poops. Many instances have viewcounts in the tens of thousands.

Yes!~ Yes!~ – 14,000 views

M. Bison ‘Yes!’ Scene: Alternate Ending – 32,000 views


Bison: Yes!, in G major – 85,000 views

Youtube Poop: Spanish “Yes! Yes!” – 49,000 views

This Is Delicious! – 33,000 views"

M.Bison loves his froot loops – 3,000 views

THIS IS DELICIOUS! – 55,000 views

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