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Yeah, like private corporations aren’t a form of government. Agree with Oscar, this old fart only represents the interests of greedy bastards who dream about getting rid of any form of democracy so they can have their way with the people and squeeze more money from us.
Capitalist who deny the need for a society organized by the people are called objectivists, the extreme opposite of communists, just as willing to destroy individual freedom with a different style.
Idiots who believe private corporations will share even a penny and care about human rights after the disappearance of government, bureaucracy and taxes don’t get the difference in values between a mature society born from the intelligence of mankind and… money.
Money is nothing, not a philisophy, not an ideal, not a link between people. It’s a byproduct of society, a tool, it can’t be the foundation of it.
Objectivists deny society, commies force it on people. Democracy isn’t perfect but at least it provides some balance between the rulers and the ruled.
Still think private corps alone can manage the world ? After all the shit they’ve done ?
Why in times of crisis do the people always turn to despotism and think they will be saved ?
The Dark Ages, fascism, communism… now the world wishes to experience being crushed by the rule of absolute greed. Yay!


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