Moaning Noises Play During Luka Doncic's Postgame Press Conference, Raising Eyebrows Across NBA Fandom

May 10th, 2024 - 11:58 AM EDT by Adam Downer

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Luka doncic at the moaning press conference

Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic had to deal with hearing quite a bit during his team's gutsy Game 2 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder last night.

In addition to Oklahoma City fans allegedly jeering him about his family during the game, the first thing he had to hear afterward was sexual moaning sounds blaring in the postgame press conference room.

The surreal moment left Doncic visibly stunned before he laughed it off and quipped, "I hope that's not live."

As of the time of writing, no one is sure what happened, but the going theory is that a reporter may have had an adult film open on his phone when he took it out to record Luka's press conference.

Another possibility is that someone in the room was pranked — in the early 2020s, a bait-and-switch prank circulated in which someone would send a video promising some sort of bombshell news story, only to have the footage overlaid with loud, sexual moaning. It should be noted that the popular audio used for that prank doesn't match up with what was played during Doncic's press conference.

The moment and viral video were a veritable gold mine for social media users, who had a field day joking about what was definitely a very embarrassing moment for somebody.

it was one game dallas fans The king Jalen Brunson KnowYourMeme pulitzer incoming

The incident last night adds to a wild week for Donic, who, in addition to battling past the Clippers in Round 1 and evening the series with the Thunder in Round 2, also became one of the top 500 players of Overwatch in the world.

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