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James  Firebolt
James Firebolt

@Quantum Meme/̷ It’s the same thing as “Real men wear pink,” and such sayings. To be honest, the only reason I think we do it is because we’re responding to people who think they’re adults just because they play Call of Duty, and who think that bronies are “faggots,” to put it in their own words.

While I don’t wish to imply that Call of Duty is bad, or to offend you in my disagreement (which can only loosely be called such) I think that there is a certain logic behind the statement, “This is what REAL men watch.” Keep in mind that this is only in comparison to the aforementioned persons who believe something can only be good if it involves guns and violence.

If somebody’s a real man, or more generally, a REAL intelligent person who knows something good when they see it, they won’t judge something based on its outward appearance, as so many of the CoD-playing, brony-hating people do.

Of course, it could also be a bit of humor referencing the stark contrast between My Little Pony, and the general public’s idea of masculinity, but I like to think that my theory is at least SOMEWHAT correct…


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