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Hey it's Brian
Hey it's Brian

Dude no.

1) Scootaloo episode didn’t technically happen yet. yes it’s imminent, but wait till it happens before crossing it off.
2) Same with Trixie.
3) There haven’t been more pony parents. Only the reappearances of old pony parents. Doesn’t count.
4) Learned more about Equestria? The Crystal Empire is noted as being outside of Equestria. I mean I GUESS she says that its well-being has something to do with Equestria’s, but that’s not nearly enough to count.
5) King Sombra is not Equestian royalty. The same way Queen Crysalis is not Equestrian royalty.
6) Pinkie goes in the Everfree Forest and finds the Mirror Pool, all that tells us about it is that that’s a thing that’s in the Everfree Forest. Nothing about the forest itself.

If you’re gonna do it, you have to do it legit.


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