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Majora's Mare
Majora's Mare


based on her mane; she’s the lovechild of Celestia and Rainbow Dash.
However she is also a changeling, which gives her the tragic element of being turned into a changeling at a young age.
She discovered her talent, being a Keyblade bearer, after becoming a changeling.
She was raised by Pinkie Pie, hence the party hat on her head.
If the halo/devil horns are any indication, she has died at one point before this picture and had to escape from tartarus/heaven (probably both.)
And she is standing in space, so she was trained by Luna to control her powers.
Her powers include but are not limited to: flying faster than Rainbow Dash, having more magical power than Celestia and Twilight combined, and being able to make anyone she meets fall in love with her.
I give this OC a 10/10, Would bang!


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