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In an alternate universe
-Africa founded the United States
-America had a Civil War freeing European American Slaves
-In the 1960’s European American’s Overcame the Jamal Crow segregation laws lead by their hero Ronald Reagan who was shot, and now we have a national Ronald Reagan Day which was approved by President Martin Luther King.
-In 1994, Terry Bradshaw was accused of murdering his wife and her friend O.J. Simpson, and was later acquitted of murder.
-Micheal Jackson turned from, white, to black.
--Eminem was shot and killed, some people speculate that Vanilla Ice was behind it.
-Our current president is John McCain, who is our first Caucasian president. However, African Americans known as “birthers” within the Democrat party want him to show his birth circificate.
-There was a youtube movement called Putin 2012, in which the creator went crazy afterwards.
-Whites have their own music TV station VH-1
-Whites are endured to stereotypes like instead of finding a job, all they do all day is sit on the couch and watch shows like the Wire and Breaking Bad, hence the name the offensive term, couch monkeys.
-People are afraid of European Americans dressed like:


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