Cringeworthy - TOP 10 REASONS WHY TF2 SUCKS!

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Totally Not A Brony
Totally Not A Brony

[sigh] Do I really, have to be the one to say it? Okay…
1.Not every FPS needs aimdowns
2.Sure, Killstreaks can be a reward for your hard work, but there are other ways a game can reward you [They actually added a Killstreak system recently]
3.I don’t know what they were thinking either. I thought it was a bad move at first, but I got over it and now I don’t care
4.Not all games need a sprint, that’s why the classes have different speeds, so the closest you’re gonna get to sprinting is playing as the Scout
5.Are you dense?
6.If Gabe only cared about the money, the game would be pay to win.
7.The graphics were meant to be unrealistic, because they were going for a cartoon-y theme
8.You’re an idiot.
9.Hundreds, even THOUSANDS still play TF2 to this day [Including myself]
10.Sure there’s a bad side to the TF2 community, but every community has one. Most people I’ve seen on TF2 are actually rather good fellows
What’s worse is that the kid who made this vidya is constantly trying to defend it with even shittier comments.


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