Vlogbrothers - 26 Outrageous Truths About Children's Television - mental_floss on YouTube (Ep.50)

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Midna Is Mai Waifu (MIMU)
Midna Is Mai Waifu (MIMU)

in reply to Doomguy

There were a lot of things about Rocko that were a bit racy. How about him jumping over a fence into a nude beach to retrieve a stray volleyball? Or that superhero guy who says “GAZE INTO MY NIPPLES OF THE FUTURE!” Or the episode where Rocko gets a new vacuum that has a “dog minus two baseballs” button, and when he points at it, he said “We’ll try the neutering function later.”

Also in that same episode, after the vacuum starts going crazy, it sucks up a bunch of tall grass outside his house. Just before the grass gets schlorped, you’re treated to some shapely, nude, but anatomically neutral fairies dancing about. After the grass is schlorped, you’re left seeing a small, strange rodent looking up through binoculars, wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts, and panting like a dog.

Yeah, 90’s cartoons got away with tons more.


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