Haters Gonna Hate - Tutorial: How To Be A Hater

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BLU Pyro: RWBY King And Frequent Robber
BLU Pyro: RWBY King And Frequent Robber

Hmm, interesting. Allow me to decompartmentalise my own example so that you at home (Yes, YOU, especially you Adrian) can see how it works:

Dear righteous dickbag of questionable decent and/or sexuality,

I noticed in your video that you used “Step 3” in your video twice. Clearly this informs me that you have an intelligence on par with chimps or those with mental disorders, such as Münchausen syndrome or Dementia.

Please also take into account that I have at previous time slept with you mother and/or father, and that they were lacking, which I assume could be a hereditarily trait, as I have also slept with your grandmother and/or grandfather. Yes, even if they are or were dead at the time.

I eagerly await your hastily written and over the top response.

Yours ect,

Peter Cumeinmyeare (Deceased)


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