A man harassing a shopper with a metal rod before getting attacked and another man frying a single burger in several pounds of butter while the stovetop catches on fire.

10 People Making Complete Fools Of Themselves For Social Media Clout

It's surprising that humanity as a species has survived for this long, because people can apparently be quite stupid. Somehow, natural selection has failed us. And some of the dumbest people out there have a huge social media influence, for some reason. Perhaps everyone else in the world just likes to watch them do idiotic things in the hopes that they'll get some attention online. Well, it worked, but the attention they're getting isn't positive.

The following people went too far for social media. Sometimes, it's only a little too far, and other times, it's absolutely unbelievable. If you're looking for evidence that we've failed as a species, you've come to the right place, because these people will remind you that the world is full of impressive stupidity that thousands of people somehow get away with. Here are some great examples of it caught on video.

Instant Karma

I’m Pretty Sure This Is Child Endangerment

Faking a Shopping Haul

Honestly, none of us can afford shopping hauls these days, so I get it. In reality, she tried, so it's not too dumb to do this, but it's still quite embarrassing.

There’s a Reason They Have Trails at the Grand Canyon

And there's a reason you're supposed to stay on those trails.


You Could Feed Hundreds of Starving Kids With This Much Wasted Food

I'm also seriously amazed that this person did not burn down the whole kitchen with that horrible butter creation.

That Can Falling from a Mile Up Will Cause Some Problems

Biking the Wrong Way in All the Wrong Places

Yeah, I Don’t Know

How Did He Think This Was Going to Go?

He was so persistent, too. Even when the cop got mad, he just didn't stop.

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