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10 Suspiciously Specific Posts That Will Definitely Raise Some Eyebrows

With so many social media applications at the tip of our fingers, it's almost impossible to resist the urge to upload whatever you think about online. If you're an avid Twitter user, you're pretty familiar with how weird the platform can get, especially with some people being far too comfortable on the app, talking about intimate private stories from their lives like it's everyone's business (when it really isn't).

Reddit's /r/suspiciouslyspecific is a subreddit made precisely for those people. It contains hundreds of social media posts and stories that are oddly specific, and one has to wonder where they'd get the idea to write this up on Twitter (or wherever they choose to share it). If there's one lesson we can learn from all this, it's that maybe it's best if we keep some things to ourselves.

I Feel Attacked

Kids who grew up "academically gifted" are now anxious adults who have thousands of abandoned hobbies and spiral into self hate whenever they make basic mistakes, or they are doctors There is no in between

(Source: Reddit)

Thank You, Funny Cool Kid

The funny and cool kid I got paired with, improvising jokes, making my presentation less boring, and getting us an A The boring presentation I made Me trying to hide my boner

(Source: Reddit)

Does Anybody Else Do This?

Me in the theatre at age 12, silently becoming an entirely different person over the course of 90 minutes as I download my new personality from the coolest character in the movie

(Source: Reddit)

I'm sure we've all seen a character in the movie and went, "That's literally me!"

Pop Up In Real Life?

absolute angel @Internet Hippo It's wild that you can just do anything. Date the wrong person, choose the wrong career. You can go outside and start eating dirt if you want, and the universe lets you. Not even a pop up like "Are you sure?" 4:50 AM - 03 Feb 20 Twitter for iPhone -

(Source: Reddit)


grimeclown If i was a sickly little peasant boy designated by the aristocracy to carry messages back and forth for pennies and you found me against our citys outer wall with a deep wound in my chest from a musket ball and a letter cluthed in my hand and i told you that my dying wish was to have someone read that letter to me so i would know i died for something important and you open it up and you find a single large illustrated diagram of an onion would you tell me what it was? What would you say?

(Source: Reddit)

How do people come up with this stuff?

The Most Important Meal Of The Day!

-`ryn¸´- @onlineryn "could a depressed person do this???" i ask, perfectly balancing a bowl of soup, a jar of pickles, peanut butter, an orange, and tea in my hands as i walk from the kitchen to my bedroom preparing to eat my first meal of the day in the middle of the night 3:56 PM - 1/29/20 - Twitter for iPhone 23.5K Retweets 193K Likes

(Source: Reddit)

Stop Overthinking It

When you're texting a dude and he seems into the convo, initiating, asking questions, but takes like 25 minutes to respond to you each time and you're like WTF DOES THIS MEAN WHAT ARE THESE GAMES? They're video games. He's texting you in between rounds of video games.

(Source: Reddit)


federations god i hate being alive i just wanna die in a national park under mysterious circumstances federations ok im done being dramatic i finally started my homework and its not that bad

(Source: Reddit)

We've all had our moments when it comes to schoolwork.

Closet Keys

closet-keys Booty shorts with two QR codes on the ass that lead to a PDF of The Communist Manifesto and a page where you can stream Scooby Doo

(Source: Reddit)

That Hit Close To Home

donald boat @laserboat999 ... Awesome how it takes weeks to get used to waking up early and then you can just piss it all away in one night by watching youtube gnome sightings in South America until 3 am

(Source: Reddit)

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