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15 Bewildering New Images And Clips From Reddit's 'WTF'

Most things we encounter in day-to-day life make sense, but once in a while, someone stumbles on something that looks like a video game glitch. Most of these things appear without warning or context, and when they're the most unbelievably weird things out there, they appear in image or video form on the subreddit /r/WTF. Here, we're exposed to some of the strangest and most nonsensical things to ever exist.

From some of the most visually confusing objects in the world to some clips of ordinary things looking really terrifying, there are a lot of things to "enjoy" on this subreddit. As something based on the expression "WTF," it certainly lives up to its name, because we don't have a way of explaining any of the things you're about to see here. Take a look at the wildest new images and videos that will leave you thinking "WTF?"

"Ski Slope"


(Source: Reddit)

To be fair, it does have a sign that says "closed area," so really it's their own fault what happens here.

Ground-to-Cloud Lightning in Oklahoma

(Source: Reddit)

Good Luck Convincing Them This Wasn’t Intentional

I can imagine the cashier and customers had quite an argument with this guy afterwards, and nothing he said sounded realistic enough to count as a valid defense.

When That Black Friday Sale Started 0.1 Seconds Ago

A Snake Being Eaten by Two Sea Anemonies

(Source: Reddit)

Cue the Lady and the Tramp music. So romantic.


00 J

(Source: Reddit)

And They Say Chivalry Is Dead

I Think It's Dry Now

(Source: Reddit)

Do You Think He Asked for This, or Did the Barber Just…Do That?

A Baby Under a Pile of Groceries

$454 COST BITES RS Las Spooky savings

(Source: Reddit)

I Think This Place Might Have a Minor Bug Problem



(Source: Reddit)

His Insurance Company’s Gonna Hate This

Found Dangling by Two Cords to Excavate a Cliffside

(Source: Reddit)

Cool New Sport

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