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15 Blursed Images Full Of Weird Energy

Blursed images are truly some of the strangest pictures Reddit has to offer. Most people are used to blessed images, which are wholesome or cute in nature, and many are also aware of the ever-worsening cursed images trend as well, which are rather disturbing. We've seen these two genres of online imagery so often that they're becoming a little overused. Blursed images offer the perfect solution for this.

Blursed images combine these two types of images into something far superior to both. An image that's both blessed and cursed is not an oxymoron, but rather a work of art with infinite unexplainable meanings attached to it. They're confusing, weird and frankly a little bit concerning, but they're some of the most loved pictures out there for a good reason. Here are some of the best new examples of blursed images to appear on Reddit lately.

Blursed Aircraft

(Source: Reddit)

Nobody can get enough of Borzoi's nowadays.

Blursed Nether


(Source: Reddit)

Blursed Wonder

I asked Wonder app to paint "Mario on trial for war crimes" B wonder

(Source: Reddit)

Blursed Toilet Towel Creature


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Blursed Hair

(Source: Reddit)

Blursed Horse(s)


(Source: Reddit)

I'm pretty sure this is actually a Xenomorph of some kind.

Blursed Creations

yaymish @gross_its_me Faceswapped made a cursed image a cat and a husky and

(Source: Reddit)

Blursed Tech Support

O pro 90 avante SEM 2/1/2 buy gra TYY HEND

(Source: Reddit)

Here's your friendly reminder that birds are not as good of a pet as you might think they are.

Blursed Handbag Handbag

(Source: Reddit)

What exactly is the point of this, really?

Blursed Setup

de (6)

(Source: Reddit)

Blursed South America

(Source: Reddit)

Blursed Kratos

(Source: Reddit)

Blursed Comfortable Seat

(Source: Reddit)

Blursed Sock

(Source: Reddit)

Blursed Hat Collector

5 Gate 15 GATE CLOSED 2:37 PM 16-20) 25 1

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