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15 Cringeworthy Stories From Reddit's 'That Happened' That Obviously Did Not Happen

We've all lied about something at some point in our lives. Some people, however, lie about pretty much everything, and usually it's for attention on social media. Naturally, we don't condone lying, but if you're going to do it, at least make it somewhat believable. Because once in a while, someone comes up with a story so outlandish that it winds up being mocked on Reddit, and rightfully so, because they're truly strange stories to behold.

These stories from /r/thatHappened aren't exactly realistic. In fact, they're so poorly thought out that it's truly amazing someone took the time and energy to type them out and post online. These posts are so far beyond unbelievable that they're just plain cringeworthy at this point. Actually, they're even worse than that. Take a look at some of our new favorite stories that should have never been told.

Not to Be Political, but… Nope

Rick Allen (R-GA) recorded saying the GOP is going after Social Security because people "want to work longer." "Many people are coming up to me on walkers, saying 'Rick, we'd like to work into our 90's to make America Great." REP. RICK W. ALLEN (R) Georgia 20:31 17 Jan 23 583K Views 2,259 Retweets PART

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I too want to skip retirement and work for every waking moment of my elderly life.

Is That a Threat?

George Santos @Santos4Congress When I was a secret agent in the CIA, I learned how to kill a man with my bare hands a hundred different ways. Let that be a reminder to everyone trying to defame me and call me a compulsive liar 10:341/7/23

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Imagine Ditching School for 30 Mins Everyday Without Getting Caught

When I was in high school, we had 30 min for lunch. would take mine and run a mile down the road and give it to a homeless man. I did this every other day untill graduated. He came to my graduation VIA 9GAG.COM

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What a heartwarming story that clearly never happened.

That's Not "Lifelike" Anyways

Suggestions il y a 14 heures 3 19 Times Kids Were Just A Little TOO Creepy om/TooCreepyKid X ... Replying to @ My son once built a VERY lifelike old factory out of blocks and said "this is where I used to work when I was alive before". Aged 3.

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And Then the Man Took Him on a Tour of His Chocolate Factory

n 8d ago 30 years ago a homeless man asked me for money to buy a meal. I took him to dinner then bought him a new pair of shoes, some socks and a blanket. Then at the end of the night he revealed that he wasn't homeless and that in fact he was wealthy and owned a business and then he offered me a job. That job paid twice what I had been earning. THAT, he said, was how he recruited his employees. 574 D 24 replies

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Treadmill Hacking

A guy whistled at me at the gym. 30 minutes later I saw him going to the treadmill, used my phone to hack it, and set it to 50 mph. He fell on his ass and the owner gave me a free 12 month subscripton

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I do love working out on my hackable treadmill that goes up to fifty miles per hour while the gym manager monitors everyone's access to the hacking software.

Apparently This Wasn't Intended As Satire

A rare moment of rabbitkin acceptance I went out for dinner with my anti-otherkin mother last week, and as we were ordering our food, the waiter asked us what we wanted. I said "As a rabbitkin, I would like some kind of mixture of human food and rabbit food. As the waiter wrote this down, my mom yelled at me "FOR THE LAST TIME, OTHERKINS ARE DISGUSTING! THEY PRETEND TO BE SOMETHING THEY ARE NOT! NO DAUGHTER OF MINE IS RABBITKIN!"! As I cried and cried and cried, the waiter said to my mother "You are a small-minded bigot! As it turns out, I am a plantkin myself, and my wife is a spacekin! How dare you offend us like that!" and threw her out of the restaurant. The entire restaurant began to clap and cheer. I got a free dessert, and they added a new option to the menu: Rabbitkin special surprise!

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The commenters on this Reddit repost insist this isn't satire, but if it was meant to be read seriously, that's…troubling.


So proud of my youngest! She was in line for lunch at school today, it was French toast sticks and sausage. The boy in front of her said No to the sausage and she called him a communist She's in kindergarten #proudparent Like 5 people like this. Comment Share Stitch It

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Geology Final

T 5 in college I took my geology final on LSD and scored the highest grade in 3 years. I identified the rocks by licking them 4:40 PM 1/19/23 2.8M Views 107K Likes 5,226 Retweets 604 Quotes 27 口 t. 1d not kidding. I felt like I unearthed hidden knowledge. I took my hoodie on and off like 40 times during the test 16 165 15.8K 192K

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Billie Eilish Mosh Pit

Guess who just got kicked out of the theater for the Billie movie cuz I was starting to MoshPit 2d ago Brothere was still 1h left. Im so sad i was literally just having fun. Bill would be very disappointed in the person who reported us. ##billieeilish##billieeilishfan##movie ##Billie ##billieeilishmovie##amc##kickedout##fr## fyp##depresion##blowthisup##tiktok less D 49.3R 90. 1917

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I'm inclined to believe this is a half-truth, where this TikToker went to the Billie Eilish movie and started jumping up and down alone, attempting to start a mosh pit that never happened and making everyone else deeply uncomfortable.

This Is Less Believable Than the Rabbitkin Story

LIVE Following For You I once stopped to help a guy on the side of the road change a flat tire and tried to talk to him about Jesus but the conversation didn't go anywhere. On one of my business cards I wrote down the info for a church I like and gave it to him. I found out later that he had been an enforcer for drug dealers. When his tire blew out he had been on his way to kill 5 guys he worked for. He was so shook that the person that the person that stopped to help him mentioned Jesus that he went to the church, met a guy named Ron who shared the gospel, gave his life to Jesus and was radically changed. When you step out in faith and plant seeds and God will do amazing things. zygodstory #Jesus #holyspirit #faith #jesusfreak #God #christiantiktok #acts ♫original sound - thatfaithgal O 20.5K 138 382 411

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Let Me Guess, All the Other Students Clapped?

when that teacher wanted to talk about abortions and the convo ended with him crying LITZAWd and me in the admin office CATATAN TANCATSANG WORT d Tik Tok CITRAN bedi

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This Review of M3gan

cricket? SHOW LESS RT Discover ← Verified I am truly disappointed. I have a 12 year old little boy with cancer his favorite thing horror movies and at the end of the movie he said id rather die then watch that again how do you think that makes me feel as a father i almost want to sue the director im just truly heartbroken. 4:03 PM Movies TV Shows + Movie Trivia 23h ago 3 M Account

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TIL Prison Inmates and Visitors Share the Same Bathroom

when i was little and i was in the bathroom and an inmate walked in on me washing my hands bc i forgot to lock the door and we just stared at each other in silence and they asked if i was gonna get out and i said "yeah but you ain't" and ran. MKE D + 39.8K 123 1083

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The Flair Says This Was a "Small" Mistake

TIFU By stabbing my classmate. S So, today i was at geography class, we were learning about countrys. The teacher asked does someone know how many countrys are in Europe, i exictly shouted "Isn't Europe a country?", Whole class started laughing me because i was apparently wrong. They started calling me a mud head and i got very angry. On the way to home i saw one of the classmates that called me mudhead, he saw me and started shouting "Mud head!". I got very frustrated and then something snapped inside of me, i took knife out of my pack back. (Everyone wondering why i have a knife on my pack back, that's because i was going hiking after i got home) I took the knife and hid it behind me, i slowly walked to the bully and just stabbed him. When i realised what i have done, i started running to home. I don't know if someone had seen that because it was a forest route. I'm writing this on the car. I will keep you updated. (Sorry for bad english, english isn't my mother language) TL;DR I stabbed my classmate and noone knows it yet.

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