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Like That's Ever Gonna Happen

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“Like That's Ever Gonna Happen” is a memorable quote uttered by Shrek (played by Mike Myers) from the 2001 animated comedy Shrek. The quote is used alongside a still from the scene as a reaction image to an above caption or screenshot, typically to express doubt about the outcome or circumstances of the top frame. It can also be used as a catchphrase to a lesser degree, referencing the same scene from the movie.


The original clip that the meme is pulled from is seen during Shrek, released on April 22nd, 2001, specifically the opening scene where Shrek is reading a fairy tale while using the bathroom in the outhouse of his swamp. During this scene (seen below), Shrek can be heard narrating the story of the book, which mimics the movie’s plot, while flipping through the pages. When he reaches the ending, he says, “She waited in the dragon's keep, in the highest room of the tallest tower, for her true love, and true love's first kiss,” before saying the line, “Like that's ever gonna happen. What a load of …” while ripping out the page and slamming the book shut.


Though the exact first use of the scene being used as a meme is unknown, one of the earliest examples comes from December 14th, 2019, when Redditor[1] slytherinchosenone posted a version to the r/PrequelMemes subreddit under the title, “Your new empire?” The meme (shown below) received over 3,100 upvotes and 27 comments.

Anakin: *talks about establishing his new empire* Obi-Wan: CCeleRoted ou theE FO HE WaITEd Deacous KEED Laughing Like that's ever gonna happen.

On January 29th, 2020, Redditor[2] Jacob_Andreas23 can then be seen posting a version of the meme to the r/dankmemes sub (seen below), receiving over 59,300 upvotes, 437 comments and several Reddit awards.

My Crush online OME Today Can I ask you something? 11:38 AM W On What is it? 11:38 AM LIFE I now have the confidence to say this %3D 1 11:38 AM W Will you go on a date with me? 11:38 AM W IN THE A Of course! I have been waiting so IDRAGON long for you to ask me!! DE HIGHEST R 11:39 AM Like that's ever gonna happen!

Redditor[3] Donovan-TSB posted another example on February 5th, 2020, to the r/ShitPostCrusaders sub. The post (shown below) was upvoted over 5,500 times and commented on 62 times.

CB Comicbook / anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Crew Addresses Possible Purple Haze Feedback Anime @donovan_the_sexy_beast Like that's ever gonna happen!

On February 10th, 2020, the Facebook[4] page F R E S H S T O L E N M E M E S reposted a version to their page (seen below), receiving over 6,700 likes, 1,400 shares and 130 comments.

Camera zooming on Rosa's breasts but actually on the Ferris wheel girl giving me very obvious hints me Shrek slamming a book closed Like that's ever gonna happen

The Instagram[5] account funnygamevidz uploaded a variant to their feed on May 22nd, 2020, combining it with the Vince McMahon Reaction meme, and received over 16,500 likes (shown below).

Vince McMahon becoming progressively more excited Crush calls you cute Asian kid calls you smart says you're good at the game Like that's gonna happen

On Twitter,[6] the reaction image is also frequently used in replies to express disbelief about an above post, seen in a tweet from user bench0de on May 22nd, 2020, receiving 233 likes (seen below).

Smash Crossovers @SmashCrossovers · May 22 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate X Pac-Man SUPER SMASH BR:S × PAC-MAN TM ULTIMATE 87 t7 226 3K Ben Chode @benchOde Replying to @SmashCrossovers Like that's ever gonna happen

Various Examples

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE QUEEN DIES Like that's ever gonna happen! You someday A caring bf/gf Like that's ever gonna happen. Saying she likes me as well Me My Crush Now having panic attack Like that's ever gonna happen

JOJE E JOJO's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 ストーンオーシャン "Like that's ever gonna happen" r/memes · Posted by u/Leon_2236 5 hours ago 22.2k Please don't My drunk gf coming home in the middle of the night My PP Yeah, like that's ever gonna happen. oo Sprint LTE 75% 2:02 PM ( Messages My Crush Details XME So what show do you like to watch? on LifE Mostly anime.. 11 OMG I LOVE anime!! What's some of your favorite? IN THE 4 IDRAGON DE HIGHEST R Like that's ever gonna happen!


Like that's ever gonna happen.

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