Bored Ben Affleck Memes

15 Hilarious Bored Ben Affleck Memes From The 2023 Grammy Awards

Famous Bostonian Ben Affleck took a break from eating Dunkin' Donuts Sunday night to look absolutely bored at the 2023 Grammy's sitting next to his wife J.Lo who, in contrast, seemed to be enjoying herself. Most of us wouldn't be able to even guess at why such a famous person at such a big event would seem so very bored, but somehow he looks like a kid waiting for his mom to stop talking to her friend she ran into at the grocery store so they can just go home.

Bored Ben Affleck memes are everywhere right now (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, you name it), as everyone is collectively identifying with the actor's plight, similar to the memetic buzz that's surrounded his now notorious smoking picture. Now, Ben Affleck is known for a whole new meme based on these photos and clips, and he's also apparently suffering through an existential crisis that none of us can truly comprehend.

Is social media being too harsh on Ben? Did he actually enjoy the award ceremony and Trevor Noah's quips? You be the judge. Here are some images of Ben Affleck inexplicably suffering throughout one of this year's biggest awards shows.

As Stated, He's Having Withdrawals

ilana kaplan @lanikaps someone get ben affleck a cigarette and a dunkin coffee stat 9:06 PM. Feb 5, 2023 97K Views :

Namely, That One Dunkin' In The South End

BRONZO TORUNIO VERTR Mike Beauvais @MikeBeauvais ... Ben Affleck looks like he's thinking about the best sandwich he ever ate in his life and then remembering that place closed down. 10:33 PM. Feb 5, 2023 213.1K Views

Just Let The Man Have A Bad Time In Peace

Planning His Escape Route

Ben's bringing the same energy to the Grammys that a 15 yr old brings when they go anywhere with their parents

Bro Is Tired

We'll Be Right Back

@MissBete Noire - 14h Queen Anne of Hedonia Ben Affleck during a commercial

Chris Did It First

Маделейн. @normalmadeline ben affleck in the audience rn me filling the room with negative energy bc i don't wanna be there 9:12 PM. Feb 5, 2023 32.7K Views C. PINE

They Legit Just Kept Cutting To Him

Elamin Abdelmahmoud @elamin88 Whoever keeps cutting to Ben Affleck as he gets more and more exasperated, thank you 9:00 PM. Feb 5, 2023 1.4M Views ● 1,407 Retweets 61 Quote Tweets 29.2K Likes

I know, not a serious one, but still…picture her owner.

Tracking His Every Movement

@gabriellemassari #benafflecks pained facial expressions at #thegrammys ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

Eyes On The Road

Bob @tweetsbybob_ Ben Affleck on his way home 11:20 PM. Feb 5, 2023 8,294 Views ...

Sheeple, Sheeple Everywhere

@tumusicahoy #jlo #benaffleck #anitta #badbunny #taylorswift , y muchísimos músicos más, bailan @soylajoaqui en los #grammys 2023 🤔😂 #tumusicahoy #tmh ♬ La Joaqui | Omar Algo Anda Mal #5 – Omar Varela & La Joaqui

The Everyman

Carlo Magliocco @Carlo Magliocco There are few things I enjoy more in this world than looking at pictures of Ben Affleck not wanting to be places because he's tried. 6:06 AM Feb 6, 2023 13.7K Views ...

A Little Dramatic

he looks like someone just told him his dog died, I come on man

"Take Me Home Country Road" Ahh Face

Confirmation Bias

@perezhiltonlovesall #duet with @user1404924477156 Obsessed with this clip!! 😂🤣 #Bennifer #BenAffleck #JenniferLopez #JLo #Grammys ♬ original sound – user1404924477156

For more Bored Ben Affleck memes, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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