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15 Times People Technically Told The Truth

Whether it's a case of a joke going over someone's head or an intentional play on words, occasionally sentences are strung together to say something a little too literally. These kinds of 'too literal' jokes are the ones that cause a slight giggle, frustrated sigh, or expression of Can't argue with that, which coincidentally was also turned into a popular meme format made for these occurrences exactly.

When found in the wild, Reddit users compile these into a subreddit called /r/technicallythetruth. Here we have compiled a short list of 15 times people took things a little too literally while still telling the truth, often in the form of memes, jokes, and natural wonders. These are things that are far from what you would expect, but you just really can't argue with them. The wit that some people have in them is truly wondrous.

Yeah, Same

PEDRO PASCAL HAS NEVER STARRED IN A SHOW RATED UNDER 89% ON ROTTEN TOMATOES walterburgess Neither have I... 2 w 3468 likes Reply

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So Amazing

I don't see a single man on this list. Women really won! 2019 Highest Paid Female Musicians: 1. Taylor Swift - $185M 2. Beyoncé - $81 M 3. Rihanna $62M - 4. Katy Perry - $57.5M 5. P!NK $57M 6. Ariana Grande - $48M 7. Jennifer Lopez - $43M 8. Lady Gaga - $39.5M - 2h <

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Titles matter.

Tired of This Nonsense

@Aliko Dangote Why is everyone spamming nonsense about africa? I will report every single account. 05:42 AM 20-01-2021 Twitter for iPhone 195K Likes م بینتون 12 @raichines 20 janv raichines Replying to @Aliko Dangote Every time a child is born in africa, a mother is no longer pregnant 912 4530 36K Bragança @paulista. 20 jan Replying to @Aliko Dangote in africa, if a person is dead, that means he is not alive

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It's Really Not Easy

Nick C Zachary Chastain It's hard being a single mother, especially "Look up. Get up. Am - Micha when you have no children and are a teenage male.

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Hard Work Pays Off

Madi Warrington @DroptopMadi This is my brother's page. He owns his own company. He IS the boss. He's literally the only employee. Jonathan Warrington 3 hrs I'm thankful to have a great boss! OMPL Complete Termite and Pest Control 3 hrs Congratulations to Jonathan Warrington for being employee of the month! Jonathan will get a 3 day and night all expense paid hunting and fishing trip to Arkansas for his hard work!

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Really Just Can't Argue With That

Cinnamon ToastKen @cinnamontoastk WHICH KID WERE YOU? A | B А B pewdiepie @pewdiepie. 6h Replying to @cinnamontoas These arent children, Imao wtf 35.2K 178 2,064

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But seriously, which one were you? I don't trust the B kids.

He'd Definitely Be Suspended

holly elden bling is oblivious to plantjoys ... @plantjoys catholic school be like "no long hair for boys" meanwhile there is a picture of a boy with long hair for boys in every classroom. And hes like the main boy

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Main boy privilege.

I Would Be Impressed

john @mrjohndarby me: how can I impress your dad? gf: he's really into cars me: ok [later] her dad: nice to meet you me: let's talk about pixar's finest movie

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That They Are


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Work Smarter

11:31 O ?r/AskReddit Posted by u/ginogeneli • 9h 3 S3 32 6230 BEST COMMENTS You get 100$ every time you're rejected for anything (favors, dating, money). What do you do to make money? Pimp Butters • 9h 16 Awards Ask people for $100 1845 + NO "A" " Reply Share 84 9063 T

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Sebastian Silver • 13h 1 Award I was most successful in life when I had a gay best friend. I miss that fatherfucker 4 1.8k pelican_dreams. 13h Fatherfucker??? Sed 4732 732 drapedj. 12h Well he's definitely not a motherfucker 1.5k

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As Simple as That

ARCTIC OCEAN United States Tell me what Kazakhstan country are you from using two words OCEAN PACIFIC OCEAN Greenland Canada ATLANTIC OCEAN SOUTHERN OCEAN Australia majki123pl From Poland 4h 6,283 likes Reply

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Why complicate things?

That Is How it Works

The Bible The Bible if they used a smaller font size

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Pocket bible vibes.

It Is Like That

hunter @hunter_hhhh-3h god, the men you sent to hunt and gather are now dressing like women and putting they/them in their bio DI 11 2 7 11 Rift / Cavey @Capri Cavey 456 ₁13.2K Replying to @hunter_hhhh you look so androgenous it's like a man and a woman had a baby

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That It Would be

www. Olive Wagyu in Japan The rarest Steak in the World (Part 3) 2944 comments 85.8K ... 3261 X steamedfruit The rarest steak in the world would actually be completely raw 2d Reply View 42 replies ✓ AD

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