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15 Unhinged Products That No One Is Wishing For From Reddit's 'WTF Wish'

Have you ever been scrolling through your social media feed, stumbled upon an ad and thought "what the f*ck did I do to have that suggested to me?" Yeah, me too. We've all been there. I'm pretty sure they just rapid fire ad after ad of deranged products in an unholy and desperate attempt for website and app usage, but it still feels like a personal attack on my character. The more you scroll through the ad carousel, the deeper you fall into the cesspool that is Wish. They aren't the only ones at fault though, since eBay and Aliexpress are just as bad.

From clothing that's never appropriate, questionable decor, and other items destined for the landfill, it's clear that capitalism really has gone too far. Here's 15 absolutely unnecessary things that exist, and that you can have in your life for likely a remarkably low price from Reddit's /r/wtfwish. I hope reading this skews your ad preferences and blesses you with more across all platforms.

The Jong

12:04 SHEIN SHEIN Sponsored Create Your Own Style Feed Your Need for Fashion! Stay Up-To-Date With Trends $12 Shop now Home ● Like Watch Comment Marketplace Notifications More Share Menu

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Is this underwear or outerwear?

When Would This Ever Be Needed

2/6 Q skeleton hands DD C$ 16.82 $28.03 -40% Price shown before tax,Shipping fee: C$ 8.70 Extra 3% Off 8 1PC Creative Middle Finger DespiseMask Latex Give the Finger Headgear One Hand Salute Mask Halloween Party Cosplay Prop Gift

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Truck Nuts

← 2/8 Q luz para bicicletas D C$ 2.19 $3.43 -30% Price shown before tax,Shipping fee: C$ 2.71 Extra 2% Off Cycling Balls Tail Silicone Light Creative Bike Waterproof Night Essential LED Red Warning Lights Bicycle Seat Back Egg Lamp Store Message 0: Add to cart Buy Now 112

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Talk About Walking on Eggshells

< 2/7 Q zapatillas mujer tacon a !! C$ 91.45 €130.64 -30% Price shown before tax,Shipping fee: C$ 7.27 Extra 3% Off 920

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Utterly Horrifying

< 2/7 Q weird gadget C$ 13.85 € 27.70 -50% Price shown before tax,Shipping fee: C$ 12.09 5 Scared Toy Whole Person Gift Creative Birthday Scare Box Scary Weird Funny Horror Wooden Box Large Gift Box

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For Casual Friday

< Overview $4 Details SMOKE METH& HAIL SATAN Related Q M8 Fashion Letter Printed Smoke Meth and Hail Satan Upside Down Cross Funny T Shirt Cotton Short Sleeve T-shirt Top Tees (27) Add to Cart

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The Joots

<Q thigh high boots womer 5/6 C$ 145.83 €291.67 -50% Price shown before tax,Shipping fee C$ 11.69 Extra 5% Off D: 1.6K

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Not everything needs a denim-clad alter ego.

The Garfield Loveseat

Hot Sale Realistic Plush Garfield Kids Sofa Chair... Visit 5 $19.00* Out of stock. Brand: Ali Hot Sale Realistic Plush Garfield Kids Sofa Chair Stuffed Animal Cat Shaped Children Sofa Chair, Find Complete Details about Hot Sale Realistic Plush ...

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Nicolas Cage Would Love This

< 1/7 11:13 Q rug cartoon Extra 5% Off 72 ELECTRIC VEHICLE D £3.20 £10.02 -68% Price shown before tax,Shipping fee £0.50 COLE Store Message D: Color: 5, Size: 40x60cm 16x24 inch Add to cart 100 Nicolas Cage Doormat Rug Carpet Mat Footpad Non-slip Water Oil Proof Corridor Kitchen Bedroom Balcony Toilet Bathroom Mat Tapis 4.7 561 orders ... Buy Now 5.2K

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Inspired by the Junk Drawer

< 2/8 Q phone cases New User BONUS ****** Gvemile&MH B20DRAM MPER. FOR 720 W ! C$ 1.40 €8.02 Up to 84% off Price shown before tax, Free shipping Extra 2% Off | Member Price 1.1K

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Baby Head Pop Socket

< 2/7 Q cat litter box self cleanir C$ 14.27 €28.55 -50% Price shown before tax, Free shipping Extra 2% Off god FA DOLLS 326 "PopFaces" PopGrip with mini Reborn Baby doll Face Top "Smile everyday "for Phones HOT

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Get one custom-made of your newborn.

Next Year's Hottest Halloween Costume

< 5/8 Q blow up costume... WOULD YOU LIKE TO RESET YOUR WOULD YOU LIKE TO RESET YOUR LIFE £7.50 £15.63 -52% Price shown before tax, Free shipping Extra 3% Off Store Message D D Simbok Puppy Bite Pants Inflatable Costume Suit Adult Men Women Dance Parties TV Programs Carnivals Opening Celebrations 5.0 13 orders Add to cart : 101 Buy Now

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Why does it say "would you like to reset your life" on the sleeve? I'm scared.

For That Special Someone in Your Life

← wish Search products... Pervert Q 1/2 Pervert Necklace Heart Charm sex slut logo simbol amulet emblem perv explicit pin Bey Graduation Gift Stamped Feminist Feminism Equality

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Just in time for Valentine's Day.

Conway Twitty? Is That You?

18.00 ← Detaljer Oversigt CONWAY 620 Greatest Flits Forsendelse 01:45 ||| ALLIA 203 kr. Priser inkl. moms 3 || 69% Conway Twitty Bathroom Antiskid Pad O 3 Lignende go WITT Q Estimering af leveringsdatoer Lyntilbud: Læg i indkøbskurven lige nu for at låse op for en lavere pris! Køb 网 6 O

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What a Steal

O conjugallove Pink Essence Cream ピンククリーム Become A Girl in 28 days $8.99 App store Shop now

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