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20 Cringeworthy Comments From People Trying To Show Off How Smart They Are

It's just a fact that some people out there are a whole lot smarter than others. We aren't all born to be scientists and engineers, and that's fine, everyone finds their own things in life. Some people, though, depend entirely on being smarter than everyone else, and then going to extreme lengths to prove their intelligence to anyone that may listen. Many times if someone has to brag about being super smart, they probably aren't all that smart to begin with. These kinds of people are the ones who feel the need to correct obvious jokes, go to lengths to complain about a misused word, or go into a deep dive on a simple comment. Generally, they are also super annoying.

Reddit's /r/iamverysmart is full of documented accounts of people being annoying "smart." For some of them, its super obvious that they are children trying to gain some praise, and others are clearly adults with superiority complexes. Here are 20 accounts of people showing off their big brains online.

Chess Master

Andrew Tate @Cobratate I can play chess in my mind for up to move 21 without losing the position. I can stop my heart for a beat at will. You've had the same 87 days without any of the limitations of being in a Romanian jail. 19:19 26/03/2023 259K Views .

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Peoples IQ are really lower than their credit score now & days, absolutely jarring. 3:12 PM 3/6/23 601 Views 3 Likes [→ 54m Well considering a bad credit score is like 600 and a high IQ is like 130 yeah i'd say most peoples IQ is lower than their credit score & the term is nowadays 22 2 53 ار

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Shibetoshi Nak... @Bill.. 17 Mar taylor swift rules and if you disagree you'll be kicked off the internet i'm pretty sure 338 Elon Musk @elonmusk 192 Replying to @BillyM2k Her limbic resonance skill is exceptional 11:28 pm. 17 Mar 2023 1.5M Views . 2,385 ... ...

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Car Signs


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He's Smart

SAT r/Sat u/Various_Grass_9779 • 1h The SAT is a horrible test and correlates negatively to IQ My 940 on the SAT is good because it means that I have a high IQ i bet the SAT correlates negatively to IQ because I am smart enough to not put 1000000 hours into studying for the useless test that anyone can get over a 1500 on and i can get it too but i just dont want to so the SAT is 1500s are probably not as smart as 1200 scorers and i can just go test optional Vote 8 Share + Award

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Come To Think Of It

- 1h while i did no test, i am fairly certain my IQ was also < 180 at the age of five, now as well come to think of it. Reply

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damn how much rent? The inside of a Violin. PRING STICS Uhhhh... Not sure if the original poster knows how small a violin is- let me break it down for you. It's too small to live in. Violins are musical instruments that are to be played by people and they are small enough to carry on your shoulder, so no, you can't live inside of one. It's a shame I even have to explain this, people these days aren't involved with the arts and rather listen to rap music.

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I was the smartest in my maths class, arguably smarter than the teacher fr! I did she didnt even understand and came up with simplified ways of working out the answer compared to textbook. So everytime i finish the hours worth of work in 5 minuits the students would come to me, not the teacher. But when i tried to explain it to them they just dont get it but it was hard to explain because how my brain works. so i know how he feels 100! Responder Ver tradução

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Adjectives Bad

3h "demonstrably false" You know what adjectives are? They're for the weak. Sleigh of hand for inserting your subjective views as modifiers of a word that best works standing alone. False, that's what you are. Fiction is the world you live in.

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That's Why

500 x 5n I very recently learned that the reason I have little to no friends is soulful based on the fact that I think "fun/ enjoyable" conversations involve figuring out how math equations work

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1: the grammatical structure of that story is horrendous, it was a chore to have to endure it. Generation SMS is hopeless. Reply 28

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Gas Station

That would make me stick around, but I get it... dense, unintelligent people usually don't appreciate the intricacies of Opera and Classical music. Anyone hanging around outside a gas station probably isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. You don't see intellectuals hanging outside the local Speedway. Maybe you will now though.

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Sure You Did

.9 Đài Their were two smart kids in our class including me the other smart kid was absent because she was sick and I was the only one left from whom everyone could cheat so i wrote the wrong answers and then when I finished the paper after writing random shil didn't give the paper I just sat at my seat with my head down and after almost everyone gave in their paper I erased the wrong answers and rewrote the paper while everyone were looking at me in dead silence and anger. :

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He's The Smart One

1h Actually more often stealing from the publisher than the artists. Still, I don't care. Sorry you think you should pay for things. I personally don't Imao. Sorry you lost money from me, but I'm my eyes I'm the smart one by saving money for not spending it on paper with ink. 41 ↓

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Naruto Fans

The reason is because others already did my job for me, so now I don't need to waste my time. The reason why I act like I know more than everyone is because I do. I've rewatched Naruto more than anyone else in the world, so it's only natural I would have picked up on every fine detail possible. Your obsession with me is admirable though. You're like my #1 fan and it's adorable asf ngl

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Lou Replying to And I happen to have my master's degree, graduated first in my class, and scored in the top 1% on the GMAT exams. : All while you were busy eating paste and lighting your farts on fire. Derp. Derp. Derp. 12:06 PM Mar 27, 2023

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Big Brain

4 months ago This guy must be a democratic leftist, literally speaking incoherent gibberish without any actual answers while contradicting himself while also changing his answers and questions mid sentance while also talking in circles to confuse you while attempting to make himself sound intellectually superior but to someone who has a functioning brain level w over a 140 IQ, he sounds like a rambling moron..never have this guest on again for the love of god. Show less BT Reply

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Hard Being at The Top

mo ago (edited) YEEEESS!!! MY SECOND FAVORITE GAME!!! And I love the animation of the uuuuuuhh idk what it's called so imma called it "The Smitty house". I love the animation of "The Smitty house" lol so many funny things happen and I wish I saw the whole thing so l could see more funny things cause laughter is the best medicine, well, second best for me cause I also have asthma as an addition to my disease. Crazy, right? I'm the Chosen One yet The Cursed One. Help me, pls. oh wait y'all can't cause y'all ain't as smart as me :(pls become as smart as me guys. It's lonely up here :/ All you have to do is do experiments and think of every possible thing and learn grammar so you can use it when necessary :) BURGER! B6 E :

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Even a dihydrogen monoxide (H²O = water) is a chemical when you think about it. CP Reply 分 42 凸 and big pharma has made all of us so addic... 2b I 13h. We should boycott DHMOs. It is known... O H₂O, with a subscript. The superscript is reserved for ionic charges in chemical formulas. We were taught that if you don't have the option to do a subscript or a superscript because you're using plain text etc use a _ or ^ respectively ahead of the character that should be sub- or superscripted. It can take a bit of wrapping your head around but it avoids ambiguity, e.g.: K_3PO_4 → K^3+ + PO_4^3- is equivalent to: K₂PO4 → K³+ + PO4³-. 3+ 3- 4 2 ♡ Ayo! I'm not doing this professionally, but thanks anyway.

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Gigantic Test Scores

22 il 1,034 ↑, ...13h have ridden gigantic test scores to riches and happiness. It can still be done but you have to be genuinely smart and work hard to pick the right opportunities. 27 ₁680

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