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20 Images So Cringeworthy You'll Want To Cry

Some people have a special talent for making situations super awkward. Not sure why, or what exactly it takes for these people to fumble so badly, but it is upsetting to witness. It's amazing these people have made it this far in life with such terrible ability with words. To be fair to some degree, socializing in person isn't always easy, especially since we're all so chronically online. It's the people that manage to radiate awkwardness and cringe through the internet that are the real amazements. We see normal cringe all around us, usually it is pretty laughable. Sad cringe though is a whole other genre. Sad cringe moments are moments that are so intense that they evoke a level of sadness and pity inside. Like you can't help but feel sorry for the situation this person has got themselves into.

Reddit's r/sadcringe is a subreddit full of sad cringe moments caught in real time and shared with everyone to indulge in. These will upset you, but they may also make you feel a little better about yourself.


r/relationship_advice • 19h My wife named our son after her first love and I had no idea way. u, This is my throwaway account because she know my main account. My son is 5. About 2 days ago we were out shopping and ran into a high school friend of hers. She was catching up when she told her friend that we had a son. When the old friend asked his name my wife hesitated and I told her. She had a strange look on her face then said you mean like your ex boyfriend. Our sons name is very unique to the point that I've never met another person with the same name. Now she refuses to talk to me about it. I feel betrayed and disgusted with her. It's like a switch was flipped my mind and I just can't look at her the same

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Remember Boundaries

Text Message Today 7:48 PM Can I help with anything else AA Sorry Yeah, by never texting an uber customer after the fact ever again. I'm not trying to be mean. It just makes women uncomfortable and afraid. I'd rather tell you than give you a bad rating. Oh ok thanks O Do you have boyfriend? Sorry I get lonely and kinda bored driving Have a good night A Text Message ↑

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Thanks Tinder

0 People Like You (But that's no surprise to us.)

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That's Rough


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Just Embarrassing

MAGA-themed wedding pays tribute to Trump MAKEA GREAT AGAIN How empty is your life when you make your wedding about another man

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Happy Easter

And to think a whole year ago she first arrived at my house on Easter Sunday while I was at church. I love you Shannon, and I always will baby. Happy 1 year anniversary MAH

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Poor Norbert

Norbert Active now Replied to your story Queen. Have a good day Sorry if I'm being too polite. Maybe that's why woman don't want to have with me Double tap to a thank you! No being polite is great!! (: women don't want to have sex with you because your name is Norbert

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If this Tweet doesn't get 1000 likes I'm closing my Twitter Account later today. I Need to know we're growing. 2:39 PM - Apr 12, 2023 -5,421 Views . 28 Retweets 370 Likes 27 Tweet your reply - Apr 12 Doesn't look like we can hit it lol. 22 1 18 □ 1,892 ... Reply

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Oh No

I know you probably have had guys hit on you alot, so I have always been respectful. But you make my blood pump everytime I see you, yoh make my natural instincts kick in or something. I don't know what I expected you to say back but I feel better Are you OK? Did I upset you? Hello? Oh no

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Please Help

GAMERS 8 minutes ago 8BIT & 16 BIT RETRO So hey everyone I'm in immediate need of help. So back at the beginning of Summer I bought around 6,000 fidget spinners at wholesale to resell. I've only sold 73 of them. Does anyone want to buy some in bulk? I'm getting desperate. I sunk my life savings into this. Please help. i

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Boost 9:28 PM Don't text Samantha again Her boyfriend. Don't text her again. U dont want a problem with me Idc. Ill make ur life hard kid. My bench is 315 and deadlift is 405 Bro she's my coworker, I just need her to take my shift next week Im 6'3 and I used to wrestle 2. ill break ur tiny arms A A @ 12% Whos this? Pay Text Message 个 Ⓡ

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The Future Is Upon us

Man Who Fell In Love With Al Chatbot Devastated After Chatbot Rejected Him Once He Opened Up About His Feelings By Ghast Lee Posted on April 6, 2023

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*starts shaking violently* uumm hi *cowers into corner and waits for answer* *rejoices to the heavens she answered* okay you got this. *voice shaking* I wanted to know if you wanted to see a movie with me? *wipes sweat off face* Uhh what's up? A Sorry but no and idt girls like whatever this is *Looks around fast questioning where I went wrong* but-but I will treat you right. *gets on knees and begs* plz just give me a chance iMessage Goodbye

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April Fools

10:36 Tweet Bradley B. Groover My ex gf came back and we are now madly in love again in. I believe in love and things are magical. She even said she doesn't care I don't have a lot of money just like before man it feels good to hear lies again hahaha. April fools .. I do miss her though 10:31 PM 4/1/23.8 Views 27 口

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That Is Unfortunate

BBC news BBC Newsbeat beat @BBCNewsbeat A man threw 2000 messages-in- bottles in the sea hoping to find love. Instead, he got reported for littering

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Not Like Other Guys

1d Other men: "heyy heyy heyy heyy" *Send *** pic* *Gets mad and says something stupid with a laugh emoji* Me: *draws you without you even knowing my name, makes 3 poems about you, deletes them out of guilt, * 90 10 Like C : Comment 6 comments

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True Love

I have an imaginary girlfriend I'm 18M, I've never dated and this has been affecting me in some way, Since December of last year my mind has created an imaginary girlfriend and I nicknamed her Bianca, Her style is e-girl When I'm alone with no one around I start talking to her about my tastes, family and desires in life When it's time to sleep I imagine her lying next to me in bed and there are times when I squirm in bed as if I had with her

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Feb 14. Angel, posing as we go out for a Valentine's lunch. We're having steak and lobster. 3

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What a Winner

RS Edit 4:16 PM Edit Info 40% Rob 22 A hug would go along way Preview Done Just hanging out with my friends on Friday night they never let me down

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No Comment

3:08 7 Cheating husband 26 Liar 11 miles away Hi my name is Diego and I'm a cheating husband/first time dad, who's looking for a sancha. My wife found out I had a tinder while she was 37 weeks pregnant and I cried because I felt embarrassed but here I am again! my baby is 4 months old and I'm on tinder again and my wife doesn't know I just can't help but look at other women! Also if you see me out in public slap me or punch me for being a dur and ruining my marriage and little family all because I want another females v a

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