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20 Photos Of Food Served On Everything But A Plate

There's a strange revolution occurring in the professional and commercial culinary world. For some reason, plates are out of style and everything that isn't a plate is in style. This questionable phenomenon is popping up everywhere and no cuisine is safe from this new, hip, artisan food serving style. It's not just your regular fancy plating styles anymore, such as a nice wooden slab, either. Everything from shovels to soup cans and hats are being utilized as makeshift plates. Maybe the over-the-top, bewildering presentation is there to make up for a subpar meal, or maybe it's used purely to gain social media attention. Maybe the chefs really just think they're doing something revolutionary and world-changing.

Whatever it is, it's bizarre, and I can assure you that when I go out to eat all I want is a plate. This strange shift has resulted in Reddit's /r/wewantplates, which is exactly what everyone who took the photos shared are likely chanting. Here are 20 extremely strange non-plates (and some cups) being used to serve meals to customers. Bon appetite.

A Whole Forest For A Hamburger

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That Egg Yolk Will End Up On The Table

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Waffles And Chocolate Sauce On A Totally Flat Surface

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Guess what happens next.

Served In An Egg Carton

ed er

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Frisbee Plate


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So close.

Shovel As A Plate


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Seems Like There's A Trend Here

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Just Leave It In The Pan

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Tiramisu In A Moka Pot


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Kinda looks like a little toilet.

Sliders On A Brick On A Plate

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Just one degree of separation.

Crab Soup In A Crab Body

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Seems Like A Lot For Six Shrimp

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Big Bowl Small Food

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Cocktail In A Rice Maker


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We want cups too.

Whipped Butter On A Rock

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Sad Food On A Sad Slab

D SP ko

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This Is Not Necessary


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I mean there is a plate, so why was this necessary?

Tree Trunk Slab


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Cocktail In A Soup Can On A Newspaper On A Popsicle Stick Bed

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Mackerel Sushi On A Cowboy Hat

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Weird crossover, yeehaw.

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