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Fnatic Manager Here, Please Delete This

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Fnatic Manager Here, Please Delete This refers to a catchphrase popular in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community and the eSports community as a whole that is often used to jokingly comment on unusual in-game strategies or exploits being discovered and showcased. The catchprase stems from the iconic 2014 CS:GO match during which Fnatic executed a previously unknown unique boost on the map Overpass which helped them win the game, after which a rumor that Fnatic asked the player who discovered the boost to take down his video was circulated.


Fnatic Overpass Boost Controversy

On November 28th, 2014, during a quarterfinal match of DreamHack Winter 2014, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Fnatic employed a previously unknown tactic against Team on the map Overpass.[1] The team used a previously unknown boost to perch their player Olofmeister to a very advantageous position, from which he scored several game-winning kills.[2]

The boost ultimately allowed Fnatic to win the map and the series. Following the match Team filed a complaint against "pixel-walking," against Fnatic. While the complaint did not match any official rules of the tournament, DreamHack decided that the match will be replayed after revealing that the boost could be exploited in other ways. Fnatic ultimately decided to forfeit the replay, with LDLC proceeding to win the tournament.[2]

Fnatic Manager Here, Please Delete This

On November 10th, 2014, two weeks before the tournament, Redditor[3] Blotecsgo (Davit Ekdhal) posted a video of the boost (shown below, left), discovered by his friend Kallberg. Following the match, on November 28th, 2014, Blotecsgo posted a thread in /r/GlobalOffensive subreddit[4] in which he claimed that after the video was uploaded, Fnatic player JW reached out to him via his friend with a request to remove it (comment shown below, right). The video was made private until November 28th, 2014. Blotecsgo provided no hard proof for his claim that Fnatic asked him to remove the video.

Blotecsgo 912 points 路 5 years ago 路 edited 5 years ago For the people wondering why this is uploaded 10/11-14 and not today. I uploaded this but got asked by fnatic members to take it away due to dreamhack tactics edit: exploit (?) not tactic Edit 2: I wanted to keep the video/thread up but jw asked my friend to talk to me about removing it. I at the moment had no knowledge that it was a "pixelboost" so i removed it without thinking. I did not predict the massive backlash that now came. Edit 3: Okay everyone needs to calm down and stop this flaming right f------ now because blote did not do anything wrong. As he said Jw asked me to talk to Blote about removing the thread, we did not think twice about the instant backlash that came as a result from them using it vs LDLC. We just thought "oh this boost is f------ gamebreaking" we knew that they were gonna use it on Dreamhack, we did NOT know that it can potentially be a pixel boost. Blote actually had his doubts about removing the thread but as i said this is not something we could ever foreshadow. If you're angry that you lost your skins, direct the rage towards me, i was the one that asked Blote to take it down. We did not get f------ paid or received a bribe of any form. It was simply "could you remove the thread". This flaming towards my friend needs to stop right f------ now. I just". real comment ; overpass boost vs Idlc dhw2 014/cmfo7f1?context=3 edit 4: fixed typos in edit 3 Give Award Share Report Save


Starting on November 28th, the claim that Fnatic asked Blotecsgo to remove his video received viral spread in /r/GlobalOffensive, with multiple Redditors[5][6][7] bringing it up in discussions related to the Fnatic vs. Team match (examples shown below).

Clash 1.8k points 路 5 years ago They didn't find the boosts themselves; they saw a video uploaded and then asked the uploader to remove the video so that they could exclusively use it / it doesn't get patched. overp ass boost vs ldlc dhw2014/cmfgmco Give Award Share Report Save [deleted] 0 points 路 5 years ago They didn't discover it. Someone on reddit did, and a member of fnatic told them to delete the video so no one could use it. Share Report Save

On November 29th, 2014, Redditor[8] supacid posted the earliest known comment which exploited the idea of Fnatic reaching out to someone who discovered an advantageous tactic or an exploit (shown below, left). Starting on that day, the joke started spreading in /r/GlobalOffensive subreddit, being used to comment on videos showcasing boosts, exploits, throw angles and strategies. For example, on November 30th, Redditors Syndicateofdoom[9] and Dahdii[10] posted such comments in a thread showcasing a glitched Molotov throw (Syndicateofdoom's comment shown below, right). On December 5th, Redditor[11] Smygande made the joke in a comment to in a thread about a smoke throw angle on the Mirage map.

DavidHuang0221 56 points 路 5 years ago Just heard back from fnatic. There's this game breaking boost that they found. Give Award Share Report Save supacid 27 points 路 5 years ago Fnatic asking you to delete this comment in 3, 2, 1.. Give Award Share Report Save Syndicateofdoom 33 points 路 5 years ago please delete this thread, fnatic wanna use this in the next major :) Share

In the following years, the joke, refined to "Fnatic manager here, please delete this," has seen consistent use by the Counter-Strike community on Reddit and Twitter, later gaining larger recognition in the general eSports community.

Various Examples

Rivalry @RivalryGLHF 路 Mar 11 Leaked @FNATIC strats, will get deleted soon S100 met ta dia 0 Sa P LOADING 20 So talent Erudacka 0 PAO) pca Mere ret serptar dia PAano oc PekXV (PAo tpocan aye beommanity keaoa PAo toocan bri 0.004 100 - 100 176 27 852 4.8K FNATIC @FNATIC Replying to @RivalryGLHF fnatic manager here, pls delete this 2:03 PM 路 Mar 11, 2020 路 Twitter Web App > > @nicoodoz 路 Jan 23, 2019 HAHAHAHA @DonHaci send this to csgo dev nicoodoz Imperial e-Sports 3 1:42 14 INIZ INTZ Round 18/30 kNgyyal 100% IEM Katowica 20ng Americas Minor - Group A (nte) EXTREME MASTERS FLan Utiity level- x0 x2 x1 x4 x3 x8 x1 100 1SHDOWTIME yel E 100 S100 52160 100 2zgks kNgV- 100 5250 100 a tita Kand u 100 S100 NIZ chelo $1400 O DeStiNy 100 $50 DO 100 4 shz A 102 100 -70 17 4 5 0:13 34.6K views chela o 100 betway ant 13 27 57 965 bike @bikeboi Replying to @nicoodoz and @DonHaci Hello, fnatic manager here, pls take down post 12:27 PM 路 Jan 23, 2019 路 Twitter Web Client > > FNATIC @FNATIC fnatic manager here, please delete this. arata Rehar 0:03 149.7K views 50 100 4-10 3.300 Havenpass? Overhaven? 6:26 AM 路 Apr 22, 2020 路 Twitter Media Studio
Posted by u/MrOpaak 1 year ago 1.6k mini molotow through the floor Feedback 9:12 Tunnals ICAH 20 (20) 15 PO INTS line. 0:13 0:20 1 38 - 100 58 Comments Give Award Share 99% Upvoted ... SORT BY Best SquareBulb Fnatic Fanatic 741 points 路 1 year ago 路 edited 1 year ago Fnatic manager here please.oh wait we're not even playing at the major, nvm. Give Award Share Report Save Bad ChurchillI Ok so hear me out. eco on the T pistol. 5 man rush site and plant. Even with the round loss you'll still get 3500. The CTs will also get 3500 for winning with the defuse. @SPUNJ 路 Oct 9, 2018 Can you guys tell they didn't think this through at all, or is it just me? 40 27 102 1.4K tarik @tarik Replying to @SPUNJ Fnatic manager here. Please delete this 6:48 PM 路 Oct 9, 2018 路 Twitter for iPhone > betway esports esports @betwayesports betway Fnatic manager here, please delete this... 0:52 Bombplats B 6 3 Che Annhitrs-Casps100% 73 $150 MOSHINA 70% aChdAnnhitrs Zaku 34 KEGLE M4A1-S fps: 91 var: O choke: ick:128.0 Sve 1.2 ms ping: 44 ms 0% 3.0 +- 0.9 ms up:128.075 cmd:128.07s onl ine var: 0.002 ms O 100 O 100 25 / 75 11:30 AM 路 Apr 19, 2020 路 Twitter Web App

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