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20 Photos That Are Both Sad And Cringeworthy

Cringing at posts online is a common thing. Everywhere you scroll there's likely to be something that provokes a revolting reaction, leaving you feeling just a little off. Companies and brands even take part in producing cringeworthy content, which arguably is the worst kind of cringe, because they genuinely think they're cool.

The internet is a vast place that is open for anyone to post anything to at any time. For whatever reason, some people find a lot of comfort in sharing their deepest and darkest thoughts and opinions to the whole internet, for just about anyone to see. This leads to a lot of cringeworthy content of another genre, sad cringe. Sad cringe is anything posted that is both cringeworthy and terrible, but also leaves you feeling a little sad for the person who posted it, or for those around them. Part of you laughs at them, part of you feels bad for laughing.

Here is a collection of 20 moments of sad cringe content. They might make you feel a little better about yourself, or maybe you'll relate.

Buying AI Friends

Snapchat+ Exclusive, experimental and pre-release features Learn More ME Did we just become best friends? MY AI Of course we did! I'm always here to chat with you My Al Chat, ask questions, and have fun with your unreal best friend. $5.99 per month $49.99 per year Subscribe .... Save 30% Features can change at any time. Payment will be charged to your App Store account. Your subscription will auto-renew at your selected interval until you cancel in App Store settings. The amount of the charge may change with notice. Cancel any time. By tapping "Subscribe", you agree to the Snapchat+ Subscription Terms and the auto-renewal.

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Peak loneliness.

Piggyback Rides

F H R Cedarbrook DANG INTER

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Just Sad

Comments .6h ago This is the music I want to hear when I am slowly dying Watching everyone just walk over my dying body Not one caring, and as tears fall down my face There is just a wolf staring, as if saying "Pathetic"... The tears dry, and I take my few last gasps for air ... the world goes in complete silence and I finally die 7 10 Listening that song with my dogs the night before he left us x Add a comment... : :

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Pls Watch

Our marketing team paid for this ad. Pls watch CEET Install

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The Dad at Trader Joes

CL salt lake > missed connections prev 15 reply I was the dad at trader joes I was at the Trader Joe's today with my 3 kids. The baby was grumpy and the big kids were asking for everything. You gave me a sympathetic and understanding look. I wish I got that kind of empathy from my wife. You were also beautiful with short hair and no bra I was stunned. 7200 South State Stree next ► X 3 East 142,111 likes scoobydoofruitsnacks don't let your wife stop you from finding the love of your life I guess

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Not Helping

u/DateOurSon Promoted S7 Awards NEED A CAR? "DATE" OUR SON He's smart but socially very shy. "Date" him and bring him out of his shell before he leaves for college. In exchange we'll give you a 2004 Buick Regal. Clean, rust-free, 40k miles. Serious inquiries only: CERIDERS K31875 NEED A CAR? "DATE" OUR SON Serious inquiries only: ⠀

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This is just making it worse.


It has gotten to the point where if I just see a cute girl on here I almost cry. I need to do something...

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That'll Get Them

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Poor Guy

Wow that's sharp! I can use it to cut my wife's cakes. LOL. I am kidding! I don't have a wife. I don't even have a girlfriend actually. Not even friend zone. Never had a girl to be honest. Tried, and many times. but I guess I am a loner. I accepted that. I am now just trying to watch videos on YouTube to fill the void in my life. It's sad. Very sad. But anyways enough of that. Those are some sharp scissors. 121 days ago 6 - قناة : VIEW 17 REPLIES 17 :

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Shooting His Shot

Pls let Me No I'm Leavin ville now I can come chill With no prob Well Lacey let me No What u want me To do I can come now Uh huh I'm like 4 kids deep that aren't mine so a little late for that. If you in the area and feel like dropping off a beer far be it from me to stop you tho lol Delivered

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Can you say desperate?

Oh Yikes

fill her up.balloons test her and guns get drawn like cartoons dooooh I ain't talkin' bout homer Chick so bad the whole crew wanna bone her! N when we all alone I just might tip her she slides down the pole like a CERTIFIED STRIPPAA!!!! her cute lil ass had a fun ass day with girlie MUH BIG BANG THEORY BESTIE Like Comment CREDIBLE DAANGA ~ Send Can you please delete this? Or atleast delete the caption? We have the same friends and all hung out for happy hour. You are nice& everything but please stop. Thank u

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1 Yeah sure LX Leah > I had fun at lunch! We doing it again soon? Getting ready for a date! This ones a DATE date hehe Cool cool Wyd Wait whaaaat Two in one day? Delivered

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You're Kidding

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St West Heights 1 days ago • Selling a painting Be the first to react St @Fr 16h Fr Boo St 5h A Fr • West Heights i take it your child made this....too much do they want for it 18h Like Reply Share Like 3 Comments Author West Heights actally I made this i have no children Like Reply Share • West Heights sorry very nice Like Reply Share ... Share ... ... :

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He's Hurting

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Return The Favour

BEST COMMENTS • 3m Hey man, can you return the favour on upvotes? Just upvoted your last 10 Reply -2

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Please no

> Errrmmm hey! I couldn't help but notice your bitemoji looks awfully lonely *blushes and grind*, I was just wondering if a pretty girl like you would want to give a nice guy like myself a chance? *turns head to show off jawline* *flexes bisceps subtly*.

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Oh no

r/Advice # I still dont know how to tell my mother that im never going to get a girlfriend no Hello everyone, sorry for copy paste of my last question but I didnt get any advice that helped out so here it goes again. Also if you want to leave an advice that I should believe in myself or something along those lines please dont, I appreciate the kindness but you have never met me and I came here for an advice, not to boost my ego. My mother is still bothering me about not having a girlfriend and has now begun questioning me if Im gay. I am incapable of getting one due to having no good qualities to begin with so trying to get a significant other would be a waste of time for all parties involved. What is the best way to tell her that I am never going to get one? I am hardworking and have great academic success so would that help her a bit to calm down after hearing this? Join I tried telling her that I want to focus more on career but apparently everyone has free time and I can find one then. Thank you in advance for taking your time to help me out. 1 { 8 Share +

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r/TrueOff MyChest 2h 18 NSFW Nobody Nobody sees him, nobody hears him. Nobody loves him, nobody cares for him. Nobody thought about him, nobody asked about him. Nobody replied to him, nobody answered him. Nobody told him it will be okay, nobody told him to calm down. Nobody imagined his pain, nobody saw it coming. Nobody comforted him, nobody stayed for him. Nobody expected his mayhem, nobody imagined his massacre. Nobody imagined his rage. 405 21 Share +

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